Russia fights ISIS militants in Dagestan?

North Caucasus

Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee announced Nov. 29 that security forces in Dagestan killed three militants who had sworn allegiance to ISIS, including one who had returned from Syria earlier this year. The three, identified as members of the “Suleiman-Stal bandit group,” were slain when they fired on troops sent to arrest them in the district of that name. A “security alert” was insated throughout Dagestan Republic for 48 hours. The raid may have been realted to a Nov. 7 incident in which unidentified gunmen opened fire on railway workers who were inspecting tracks near Novy Khuchet villageĀ on the outskirts of Makhachkala, killing one and wounding another. Security forces responded, and the assailants were killed when the refused to surrender. (TASS, Nov. 30; TASS, AP, Nov. 29; TASS, Nov. 7)

Map via La Croix International

  1. Russia kills ISIS ’emir’ in Dagestan

    Russia’s FSB security service says it has killed the "emir" of the Islamic State's Caucasus chapter. The man, identified as Rustam Aselderov, was linked to the 2013 Volgograd blasts, as well as subsequent terror attacks in the North Caucasus. Four other militans were also killed in the raid on a house in the Dagestan village of Talgi. (TASS, AFP-JIJI)