Peru: police pop presidential palace in petro-corruption probe

On Feb. 14, special anti-corruption prosecutors backed up by National Police troops raided 15 properties around Peru’s capital LimaÔÇöincluding the presidential palace. The raids came as part of Megaoperation Resplandor 2022,┬áan investigation┬áinto alleged irregularities in tenders for the purchase of biodiesel between parastatal PetroPer├║ and the private firm┬áHeaven Petroleum Operators.┬áAlso raided were the homes of┬áPetroPer├║ director┬áHugo ├üngel Ch├íves Ar├ęvalo, HPO manager┬áSamir Abudayeh, and prominent entrepreneur┬áKarelim L├│pez. (TeleSur, CNN, InfoBae, Biofuel Digest, El Linea) The administration of President Pedro Castillo, a populist political outsider who was elected last year, has been wracked by repeated crises and scandals since he took office in July.

Photo: Wikipedia

  1. Peru prosecutor opens probe into president

    Peru's prosecutor general, the Fiscalía, announced May 29 it is including President Pedro Castillo in an investigation into possible crimes including influence peddling, collusion and "criminal organization" related to the awarding of public contracts. (Reuters, Jurist)

  2. Peru PM resigns amid investigations into President Castillo

    Peru’s Prime Minister Anibal Torres has resigned, amid a widening criminal investigation focused on President Pedro Castillo.┬áThe president is the target of five criminal investigations, including two probing whether he is part of a “criminal organization.”┬áUnder Peruvian law, presidents can be investigated while in office, but not charged. (Al Jazeera)

  3. Peru: president’s sister-in-law surrenders to authorities

    President Pedro CastilloÔÇÖs sister-in-law, Yenifer Paredes, surrendered to authorities on Aug. 10, a day after┬ápolice and investigators from Peru’s Public Ministry searched the Presidential Palace but were unable to locate her. According to Public Ministry investigators,┬áParedes is a member of a┬ácriminal organization within the government led by Castillo and his top officials.┬áCastillo has dismissed the investigation as a “media show.” (Peru Reports, AFP)

  4. Peru: pre-trial detention for president’s sister-in-law

    A Peruvian judge Aug. 28┬áordered 30 months of preventitive┬ádetention for President Pedro Castillo’s sister-in-law, Yenifer Paredes. The court found that the preventive detention was a well-founded request by prosecutors investigating corruption allegations. (Jurist)

  5. Prosecutors lodge new complaint against President Castillo

    Peruvian prosecutors have presented a constitutional complaint against the countryÔÇÖs embattled President Pedro Castillo hours after detaining five of his allies on corruption allegations.┬áThe legal filing on is the most aggressive push yet against the president, who took office only a year ago and is already facing five separate criminal investigations, and has survived two impeachment attempts.┬á(Al Jazeera)

  6. Mass march in Lima to demand Castillo resign

    Thousands took to the streets in cities across Peru to demand the resignation of embattled President Pedro Castillo, whose government is under investigation for corruption. In Lima, riot police used tear-gas to disperse┬áprotesters who attempted to march on the Congress building. Castillo, who has survived two impeachment attempts,┬ácalls┬áthose who oppose his government “reactionaries”┬áand “enemies of people.” (TRT, RPP)