Morocco: Melilla massacre survivors get prison


A court in Nador, Morocco,Ā on July 20 sentenced 33 migrants, mostly from Sudan and South Sudan, to 11 months behind bars for “illegal entry” into the countryĀ and “disobedience.” The 33 are among theĀ hundreds who on June 24Ā attempted to enter Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla, sparking a violent response from authorities. Some 2,000Ā migrants stormed the heavily fortified border between the Moroccan region of Nador and the Spanish enclave, with many trying to scale the border wall.Ā They were repelled by Moroccan and Spanish security forces, with up to 27 killed. TheĀ African Union isĀ callingĀ for an investigation into the repression. (InfoMigrants, RFI, AP, TNH)

Map: PCL Map Collection

  1. Spain, Morocco fail to investigate migrant deaths in Melilla: Amnesty

    Amnesty InternationalĀ accused Spain and Morocco on June 23 of covering up and failing to investigate the deaths of at least 37 migrants at the border of Melilla, a Spanish enclave on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast. (Jurist)