Kashmir: police fire on protesters

Security forces fired on protesters in Indian-controlled Kashmir June 8, wounding at least seven in the worst clash since unrest broke out last week over the deaths of two young women. The protesters say the women, a 17-year-old and her 22-year-old sister, were raped and killed by Indian soldiers. The police, who are investigating the killings but have not charged anyone, released forensic reports confirming that both of the women had been raped. Thousands protested in the streets of Shopian, the women’s hometown, before police fired tear gas shells and live ammunition at the crowd. Angry demonstrations—and a general strike that has closed businesses and schools—have spread across Kashmir since the women’s bodies were found May 30. (AP, June 8)

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  1. Kashmir cover-up?
    A final report by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation finds that the two women whose deaths sparked the unrest were drowned in the stream where their bodies were found, and there was no evidence of rape. Charges are flying of either a fabrication of evidence to embarrass the authorities and provoke protests or of a cover-up to protect the authorities and suppress protests… (NYT, Dec. 14)