Idlib is not a ‘terrorist enclave’

syria Idlib 7 Sept 2018

What do "progressive" Democratic congress-member Tulsi Gabbard, "progressive" journalist Vijay Prashad, "progressive" commentator Max Blumenthal, and neo-Nazi David Duke have in common? All refer to Idlib, the last opposition-controlled area of Syria, as a "terrorist enclave" or "al-Qaeda stronghold"—echoing the propaganda of the Bashar Assad regime. This renders invisible not only the 3 million inhabitants of Idlib—overwhelmingly civilians, and many in desperate need of humanitarian aid—but also the vibrant secular civil resistance movement that actually controls much of the province, and opposes the jihadist factions and Assad regime alike. Writing for Mangal Media, Sina Zekavat challenges progressives to reject this war propaganda and heed the voices of Syrians still struggling for democracy and self-determination.

Photo via Freedom

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