Egypt: blogger jailed for insulting Morsi released

Egyptian blogger Ahmed Douma, who had been sentenced to six months in prison for insulting ousted president Mohammed Morsi, was released on July 6, according to state news agency MENA. The prosecution requested Douma’s release in June, dropping the charges against him. Despite the release order, Douma remained in custody for another trial on a separate charge. Douma was charged along with 11 others with inciting violence during protests in March in which at least 160 people were injured. The Cairo Criminal Court acquitted all 12 defendants because the evidence against them was deemed void.

From Jurist, July 7. Used with permission.

  1. Another massacre in Egypt
    At least 51 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed July 8 outside the Cairo barracks where Mursi is believed to be held. The Brotherhood said they were killed while praying, while the army said the protester tried to storm the barracks. Some 400 were also wounded. Authorities said that one soldier and two police were also had been killed. But the Brotherhood cited video footage seeming to show that at least one of the police was shot by soldiers The Brotherhood has issued a call for a national uprising. (NYT, Al Jazeera, Reuters, AFP)

    A YouTube video being distributed by the Brotherhood appears to show the bodies of young children among those killed in the massacre being brought to a morgue.