Duterte charged with ‘crimes against humanity’

Several Philippine families filed a complaint (PDF) with the International Criminal Court (ICC) Aug. 28, accusing President Rodrigo Duterte of murder during his "war on drugs." The complaint charges Duterte with "crimes against humanity," including extrajudicial killings. This is the second complaint against Duterte filed with the ICC; the first was filed in April 2017. The ICC began preliminary examination in the case in February. Duterte announced the Philippines' withdrawal from the ICC in March. In a 15-page letter to the media, Duterte declared that the Philippines will immediately withdraw its ratification of the Rome Statute, which established the ICC and was ratified by the Philippines in late 2011. Under the statute, a member can withdraw no sooner than one year following written notification to the UN Secretary-General. However, Duterte claimed that the agreement was immediately voidable because it was signed fraudulently.

From Jurist, Aug. 31. Used with permission.

Photo: Anakpawis

  1. Duterte scoffs at Hague, lays wreath at Yad Vashem

    Before the filing of the first charges against him at The Hague, Duterte had scoffed at the threat of such charges as "bullshit." As recently as October 2016, he favorably compared himself to Hitler, openly threatening mass murder of drug users. Now Haaretz reports that on his recent visit to Israel, he memorialized Holocaust victims and layed a wreath at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum. Meeting with fellow mass murderer Bibi Netanyahu, he intoned that "we share the same passion for peace." 

    How do they square it? I mean, in all seriousness, how do they fucking square it?

    Duterte also continues to pursue his penchant for rape jokes. Asked about the rape problem in Davao City, where he long reigned as mayor and death-squad boss, he replied: "They say there are many rape cases in Davao. Well, for as long as there are many beautiful women, there will be many rape cases, too." (Al Jazeera)

    Unfortunately, other leaders in the region are openly emulating Duterte and seeking to "replicate" his "success." All part of the Fascist World Order. The ritual nod to anti-fascism makes it all the more sickeining. Shame, shame on Yad Vashem for enabling it.

  2. US citizen caught in Duterte’s anti-drug sweeps
    A young man from Wisconsin has been jailed on a cannabis charge in the Philippines, and his mother back in the states says she fears for his life. The case has brought some stateside media attention to President Duterte’s relentless and draconian “drug war,” which has sent nearly 200,000 Filipinos to prison. See full story at Global Ganja Report