Ciudad Juárez: femicide avenger strikes back

A vigilante calling herself Diana​ the Hunter (Diana la Cazadora) claimed credit in a series of communiques for the slaying of two bus drivers last week in northern Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, saying the killings were revenge for sexual abuse of women by night-shift drivers. “I and other women suffered… but we can’t stay quiet,” one of the e-mails said. “I am the instrument of vengeance for several women.” Witnesses to the first killing Aug. 28 said a black-clad woman with a blonde wig or dyed hair approached the  driver, took out a pistol, shot him in the head and left the bus. The same killer told the second victim before dispatching him, “You guys think you’re real bad, don’t you?” The targeted bus line brings many women back and forth from the maquiladoras that ring Ciudad Juárez.

Several bus drivers were arrested in connection with the Juárez “femicide,” in which hundreds of women have been slain and dumped on the outskirts of the city over the past 20 years. Most were acquitted, but one died in prison while awaiting sentencing and another had his conviction overturned. (Excelsiór, LAT, Sept. 3; BBC News, Sept. 2)

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