China: writer detained for articles critical of official

Chinese writer Huang Zerong, 81, known also by his pen name Tie Liu, was detained by Chinese authorities Sept. 14 for allegedly publishing articles critical of Communist Party propaganda chief Liu Yunshan (Brookings backgrounder). According to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, the 81-year-old writer was criminally detained on charges of 'picking quarrels and provoking trouble.'" Huang spent 23 years in prison after being labeled a "rightist" by the Chinese regime during Mao Zedong's crackdown on liberals. His name was later cleared by the Communist Party in 1980.

China's human rights record has garnered international attention for the government's treatment of the growing civil rights movement in the country, led by a number of prominent rights activists and attorneys. Last week the legal defense team representing prominent Chinese human rights activist Guo Feixiong (CHRD profile), decided to boycott the start of Guo's pending trial over procedural irregularities, which resulted in adjournment of the proceedings at the Guangzhou People's Court in southern China. 

From Jurst, Sept. 15. Used with permission.

  1. UN rights experts urge China to end mistreatment of Guo Feixiong

    A group of UN independent human rights experts expressed concern Aug. 4 for the condition of Chinese human rights defender Yang Maodong, also known as Guo Feixiong, who has been detained by the Chinese government. Noting reports of degrading and humiliating treatment endured by Guo at the hands of both prison guards and other inmates, the experts called on the Chinese government to provide Guo with special medical care and stop all forms of mistreatment. The experts stated that, due to his status as a prominent human rights defender, Guo has been denied adequate medical treatment and forced to suffer "sleep deprivation, harassment, and [a] humiliating medical procedure filmed by prison officials for public release." Tthe experts recalled several previous instances of China's failure to heed the advice of international human rights experts, including a call by the UN Committee against Torture "to refrain from prosecuting human rights, defenders, lawyers, petitioners and others for their legitimate activities."

    Guo was arrested and sentenced to six-years in August 2013 for participating in a public protest after a Guangzhou newspaper was censored by the government. (Jurist)