Canada court rules Khadr may be released on bail

A judge for the Alberta Court of Appeal  on May 7 ruled that former Guantánamo detainee Omar Khadr can be released on bail while he appeals his US war crimes conviction. According to Justice Myra Bielby, the ruling was based on her belief that there was "no clear evidence there would be irreparable harm if he was released." The judge also rejected arguments made by government lawyers that Khadr's release would damage Canada's foreign relations. He will be required under the terms of his bail to live with his attorney and submit to electronic monitoring and a curfew.

Khadr, 28, is a Canadian citizen who was captured by US forces at the age of 15 after being found fighting in Afghanistan in 2002. He spent eight years in Guantánamo before being convicted on five charges and sentenced to eight years in prison for war crimes. The US transferred Khadr to Canada in 2012. A lawyer for Khadr requested his client be released on bail in March, arguing that given the amount of time his appeal was taking to process, Kadhr's sentence could be completed before a decision could be reached.

From Jurist, May 8. Used with permission.

  1. Canada high court rejects bid to declare Khadr adult offendor

    Canada’s high court on May 14 rejected Ottawa’s bid to treat former Guantánamo detainee Omar Khadr, who was just 15 when he was captured on an Afghan battlefield, as an adult criminal. The government had brought the legal challenge to prevent Khadr’s transfer from a Canadian federal penitentiary to a more comfortable provincial correctional facility for petty criminals and young offenders. The supreme court decision is now moot since Khadr was released on bail last week. (The Guardian)