Bolivia: regime targets Chapare for eradication


Bolivia’s National Council to Combat Illicit Drug Trafficking (CONALTID) has issued a new strategy paper calling for changes┬áto the country’s General Coca Law that would allow eradication operations throughout the Chapare region in the eastern lowlands. The change would overturn┬áa reform of the law made under Evo Morales that permitted coca cultivation for the legal domestic market throughout most of Chapare. ┬áThe┬áCONALTID┬ástrategy asserts that┬á91% of Chapare coca production is being diverted to the illicit market. (P├ígina Siete, March 10) In announcing the policy change,┬áDefense Minister Fernando L├│pez issued a stern warning to the inhabitants of the Chapare: “We are not playing, we are ready for anything.” (P├ígina Siete, Feb. 14)┬áChapare, a heartland of support for the ousted Morales, has been a de facto autonomous zone outside the control of La Paz since last year’s coup d’etat.

Photo: Página Siete