Bahrain: ‘total suppression’ of human rights

A Bahrain court on May 31 dissolved the major opposition political party, an act that Amnesty International said is a step toward the "total suppression of human rights" in the Persian Gulf monarchy. The National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) was ordered dissolved after Bahrain's Ministry of Justice accused the group of "advocating violence, supporting terrorism and incitement to encourage crimes and lawlessness." Amnesty called the allegations against Wa'ad "baseless and absurd." Wa'ad had criticized the Bahraini constitution in February, and condemned the execution of three men in January. Wa'ad was the last major opposition party in Bahrain, although two smaller opposition groups still exist in the country.

Bahrain has had its human rights record questioned multiple times recently. In March Bahrain's upper house of parliament approved a constitutional amendment that would allow military trials for civilians accused of being involved in terrorism plots.

From Jurist, June 1. Used with permission.

Note: The Waad was also temporarily supressed after the 2011 protests in Bahrain.