Bahrain sentences Shi’ite opposition leader

A Bahraini court June 16 sentenced prominent Shi'ite leader Sheikh Ali Salman (official profile) to four years in prison for insulting the Interior Ministry, inciting others to break the law, and inciting hatred against Sunnis. Salman, secretary-general of al-Wefaq political opposition group, was arrested in late December for speeches made between 2012 and 2014. Salman was found not guilty of inciting violence and calling for the overthrow of the monarch. Had he been convicted for those offenses, Salman could have faced a life sentence in prison.

Bahrain has been the center of tension between police and protestors since protests began in the country in 2011. Reforms in Bahrain have failed to end serious human rights violations, Amnesty International reported in April. The report claimed that activists were still being unjustly imprisoned and that detainees are mistreated and tortured.

From Jurist, June 17. Used with permission.