Algeria’s ‘Hirak’ movement pledges to continue fight


Algeria’s President Abdelmadjid Tebboune held an official commemoration of the “February┬á22 Revolution,” marking the first day of the nationwide protests┬álast year┬áthat finally ousted his long-ruling predecessor Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Tebboune, who came to power in a December special election, declared the day a special holiday to honor what is being called the “Smile Revolution” to emphasize its nonviolent ethic. But the day before the official commemoration, protesters mobilized in their thousands for the┬á53rd straight week of Friday┬ámarches, dismissing the December elections as controlled and saying that the old regime still remains in place. They are calling the movement by its original name of the “Hirak,” or “people’s mobilization.” ┬áAdopting a new slogan in response to the official commemoration, protesters vowed to “disqualify the system’s agenda of self-renewal, and to lay the foundations for a new republic.”┬áAnother popular slogan was “We’re not going to stop.”
(AfricaNews, France24, NYT)

Photo: AfricaNews