The Caribbean

Guadeloupe: talks resume after strike violence

French president Nicholas Sarkozy met in Paris with elected officials from Guadeloupe after the general strike in the French overseas department turned violent, with one union leader shot dead at a roadblock.

Central America

Panama: Colombian refugee killed in the Darién

A Colombian refugee living in Panama was killed in Darién province, a jungle region bordering Colombia that has experienced incursions in the past by Colombian armed groups.

The Andes

Colombia: FARC admits killing indigenous people

In a communiqué, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) took responsibility for the killing of eight people at Río Bravo in the southwestern department of Nariño.


Mexico: Cerezo brother political prisoners released

Some 150 greeted the brothers Antonio and Héctor Cerezo Contreras as they left a prison in Mexico’s Morelos state, after eight years detainment on suspicion of ties to the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR).


Mexico: transport strike in 17 states

Some 500,000 Mexican bus and truck drivers and owners held a one-day strike Feb. 16, slowing freight deliveries and forcing many passengers to find alternative transportation in 17 of the country’s states.