Mexico: Cerezo brother political prisoners released

On Feb. 16 some 150 people greeted the brothers Antonio and Héctor Cerezo Contreras as they left a medium security prison in Morelos state, close to Mexico City. The Cerezos were arrested in 2001 along with their brother Alejandro after three small bombs exploded at Mexico City banks. Many people believe the arrests were connected to reports that their parents, Francisco Cerezo Quiroz and Emilia Contreras, are leaders in the rebel Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR). The brothers were never charged in the bombing but convicted of weapons and explosives possession. Alejandro was released in February 2005 after a court overturned his conviction.

“We will seek reparations of some kind,” another brother, Francisco Cerezo Contreras, said when Antonio and Héctor were released. “This is not the end of the matter, although I must say that we no longer have the funds to keep going.” The brothers deny having any contact with their parents, who have been underground since the early 1990s. In an open letter dated Feb. 1, Antonio Cerezo told his parents: “We love you very much, and you will always be present in our lives. A big hug to you both. Prisoners today, free forever!” (Inter Press Service, Feb. 17)

From Weekly News Update on the Americas, Feb. 22

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