Mexico rejects US drug war aid

Mexico’s new populist president,¬†Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,¬†announced that he is dropping out of the regional US-led drug enforcement pact, and will be turning down the aid package offered through the program, known as the Merida Initiative. “We don’t want armed helicopters,” he said, addressing Washington.¬†Instead, he is proposing a dialogue with Washington on across-the-board drug decriminalization in both nations. Mexican lawmakers say they will pass a cannabis legalization bill by the end of the year.¬†(Photo: El Txoro)

Central America

Central America: leaders hold migration summit

The US offered Central American child migrants compassion and deportation at a DC summit, while the presidents of Guatemala and Honduras lobbied for more military aid.


Mexico: police shoot up US embassy car

A group of Mexican federal police agents attacked a US embassy car. Mexican authorities attributed the incident to “confusion”: the US embassy called it an “ambush.”