Mexico rejects US drug war aid

Mexico’s new populist president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced that he is dropping out of the regional US-led drug enforcement pact, and will be turning down the aid package offered through the program, known as the Merida Initiative. “We don’t want armed helicopters,” he said, addressing Washington. Instead, he is proposing a dialogue with Washington on across-the-board drug decriminalization in both nations. Mexican lawmakers say they will pass a cannabis legalization bill by the end of the year. (Photo: El Txoro)

Central America

Central America: leaders hold migration summit

The US offered Central American child migrants compassion and deportation at a DC summit, while the presidents of Guatemala and Honduras lobbied for more military aid.


Mexico: police shoot up US embassy car

A group of Mexican federal police agents attacked a US embassy car. Mexican authorities attributed the incident to “confusion”: the US embassy called it an “ambush.”