Mexico: violence continues in wake of elections

Mexico's ruling coalition kept its slim majority in elections marred by violence and assassination of candidates. Striking teachers attempted to disrupt the vote, calling it a farce.


Mexico’s notorious ‘Z-42’ busted

Mexican authorities announced the capture of Omar Treviño AKA "Z-42"—leader of Los Zetas, the ultra-violent narco-paramilitary network that has long terrorized the country.


Mexico: migrant massacre document released

Mexican federal prosecutors have released a document from their probe into a 2010 massacre of migrants—pointing to collusion between local police and Los Zetas.


Mexico claims another blow against cartels

Mexico claimed the capture of Juárez Carel kingpin Vicente Carrillo Fuentes AKA "El Viceroy"—yet another take-down of a defeated rival of the hegemonic Sinaloa Cartel.


Mexican cartel wars winding down?

Mexican authorities claimed another coup against the cartels with the arrest of Héctor Beltran Leyva, last remaining kingpin of the Beltran Leyva Organization.


Fortune magazine ranks top five global cartels

Fortune magazine issued a list of the biggest organized crime groups in the world: elements of Japan's Yakuza, Russian mafia, two Italian syndicates and Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel.


Mexico: a new Pax Mafiosa?

Reports of a summit of cartel "capos" in Piedras Negras fuel speculation that President Enrique Peña Nieto seeks to rebuild the "Pax Mafiosa" of Mexico's old one-party state.


Mexico: battle for Tamaulipas begins?

Mexico's government has pledged to deploy more security forces to Tamaulipas—right on the Texas border, and one of the country's most violent states.

Central America

Central America: ‘narco-deforestation’?

Central America's rainforests are being destroyed by drug traffickers who cut roads and airstirps on officially protected lands, according to a paper in the journal Science.


Mexico: mass graves unearthed in Coahuila

Authorities in the northeastern Mexican state of Coahuila announced that they have recovered at least 500 sets of human remains from mass graves along the Texas border.