Control of oil behind Mexico-Spain tensions

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for a “pause” in relations with Spain, in a speech that explicitly invoked the legacy of colonialism going back to the Conquest. But the speech was aimed principally at Spanish oil company Repsol, which had been favored during the presidential term of Felipe Calderón. Specifically, López Obrador questioned the granting of gas contracts in the Burgos Basin, in Mexico’s northeast. He charged that Repsol operated the fields less productively than the state company Pemex had. “In the end, less gas was extracted than Pemex extracted” before the contracts, he charged. Repsol is meanwhile under investigation by Spanish prosecutors on charges of graft related to the company’s efforts to fend off a take-over bid by Pemex. (Photo via Digital Journal)

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Oil contracts at issue in Peru political scandal

Seemingly irregular oil contracts have emerged as a factor in the ongoing political scandal that last week brought down Peru's president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Following accusations from left-opposition congressmembers, state agency PeruPetro admitted that hours before leaving office, Kuczynski had issued a Supreme Decree initiating the process of approving five offshore oil concessions with a private company—but without the involvement of PeruPetro in vetting the contracts, as required by law. Calling the deals "lobista," Dammert is demanding that new President Martín Vizcarra declare the contracts void. (Photo: Gestión)

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Peru: Cuzco unrest over airport plan

Protesters blocked the train line to the Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu, stranding thousands of tourists during a 48-hour paro (civil strike) by residents of Peru's Cuzco region. British-owned PeruRail company said service was being suspended because of the blockades. At issue is a planned new airport for the Cuzco area, that was suspended in March due to controversies surrounding the construction contract.

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Peru: rural mayor killed in jungle unrest

The mayor of a jungle pueblo was among three killed in clashes during a general strike related to the Camisea gas pipeline in Peru's Convención Valley.

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Peru: deadly repression of pipeline protests

A 16-year-old protester was shot dead by National Police troops at Santa Teresa village in Cuzco region, during a protest against construction of a gas pipeline  through local lands.

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Ethnic cleansing on Peru’s jungle border

Highly vulnerable "uncontacted" indigenous bands who recently emerged in the Brazil-Peru border region told neighboring tribes that they were fleeing violent attacks in Peru.

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Peru: Sendero harass pipeline project

A worker was wounded when presumed Sendero Luminoso guerillas fired on a camp of the Camisea pipeline consortium in the rainforest of Peru's Cuzco region.

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Peru: Culture Ministry halts Camisea expansion

Peru’s Vice-Ministry of Inter-Culturality blocked expansion of the Camisea gas project, asserting that “isolated” indigenous peoples could be made extinct if it goes ahead.

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Peru: Conga project to advance in 2013?

Peru’s Minister of Mines Jorge Merino assured investors that his government will make every effort to see the controversial Conga gold mining project move forward in 2013.

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Peru: suit launched to stop Camisea expansion

Peru's Amazonian organizations are suing the government and oil companies over proposals to expand the Camisea gas project into land inhabited by "uncontacted" or isolated tribes.