Should the US arm Somalia's Sufis?

Yes, they are fighting for their lives and freedom.
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No, this would backfire and make them look like US pawns.
100% (6 votes)
No, the fundamentalist insurgents are heroic freedom fighters.
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Kill 'em all, let God sort it out.
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Who cares about Somalia anyway?
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Total votes: 6

The US shouldn't send arms

The US shouldn't send arms to anybody.

Did you answer the poll?

How about in Bosnia? The US didn't arm the Muslims, but a lot of progressives thought there was a good case for doing so.

How about the partisans in Nazi-occupied Europe?

Just asking.

different world

"Nazi-occupied Europe" isn't a fair comparison as we live in an entirely different (post H bomb) world. Arming covertly in the 21st century would be the same old dirty pool. If the US wants to put our ... uh ... money where our mouth is then send in the choppers. Or rather send in the UN with a multinational force and a couple of aircraft carriers playing the heavy nearby. Imperialism? Ask again if it happens.

I answered the poll.

Doesn't have to be "covert"

And arming indigenous forces rather than sending in imperial forces might make it less imperialistic... Although imperialism provides nothing without strings attached.


Then you get Lebanon. And you have to continually resupply ammunition. Bad idea.

I say if you (we = USA) are going to mess with a country then Powell doctrine. I'm totally against this, but there would be the temptation to park the USAF over Darfur and see who still wanted to strafe villagers from the air. Would have to be the UN.


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