Zapatista supporters attacked in Guerrero, Jalisco

On Feb. 15, Raúl Lucas Lucía of the Independent Organization of the Mixtec People was wounded in an ambush by unknown gunmen on a mountain road near his village of Coapinola, Ayutla municipality, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero. Lucas, president of the communal lands committee at Coapinola, is a local organizer for the Zapatistas’ “Other Campaign.” He has been harassed and detained by the authorities on several occasions. After the massacre at El Charco, where 10 Mixtecs were killed by the army June 7, 1998, he was held and tortured by soldiers supposedly searching the mountains for guerillas. (Organización Independiente de Pueblos Mixtecos, Feb. 16 via Enlace Zapatista)

In Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, nine members of the Tianguis Kontrakultural Collective were detained and brutally beaten by city police Feb. 7, and some accused of cocaine posession. The group says their members were targeted for being organizers for the Other Campaign and for protesting the recent killing of a local youth by the police. (Colectivo Tianguis Kontrakultural, Feb. 14 via Enlace Zapatista)

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