Never forget, this is what we’re fighting for in Iraq. It’s about our way of life, remember? From NY1, Jan. 10:

Queens Man Arrested After Traffic Dispute Leads To Fatal Shooting

The brother of a man fatally shot by an off-duty correction officer during a traffic dispute Tuesday night in Queens has been charged with assault.

Leroy Kenner, 45, was arrested in connection with the dispute that turned violent on the service road of the Grand Central Parkway at 94th Street near LaGuardia Airport.

Police say 29-year-old Emilio Maldonado, who was with his wife and one-year-old son, honked his horn at an SUV because it didn’t move when the light turned green. That’s when police say the two brothers, Chris and Leroy Kenner, got out of their SUV and started yelling threats at Maldonado, while banging on the hood of his car.

Police say the brothers tried to punch Maldonado through his window. Maldonado fired one shot, killing 36-year-old Chris.

NY1 spoke to a witness who says Maldonado clearly identified himself as an officer.

“Two guys hopped out of an SUV, started assaulting the correction officer and the officer let off a shot, after he was being kicked and punched through his car window,” he said. “The officer had his wife and kid in the car and he let off a shot, and they started running. He got out and his shield was pulled. And he [Kenner] collapsed about a hundred feet from where it happened, and I saw him die right in front of me.”

Police say the Kenner brothers have extensive criminal backgrounds. So far no charges have been filed against Officer Maldonado.

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