When in doubt, blame the ISM

Amazing — it took a full 24 hours before the ultra-Zionist media found a way to implicate the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in the Brit bombings:

Explosives Used by Terrorists in London and Tel Aviv Identical
18:16 Jul 11, ’05 / 4 Tammuz 5765

(IsraelNN.com) Israel police have revealed that the explosives used in the multi-pronged terrorist attack in London last week were materially identical to the explosives used by two British Muslim suicide bombers who struck in Tel Aviv more than a year ago.

It is unknown at this time if the apparent explosives link points to an Israel-based connection, or if it points to a common source of materiel outside both the UK and Israel.

One of the two bombers, who had entered Israel on authentic British passports, blew himself up in Mike’s Place pub in the city, killing three people. The second terrorist failed to detonate his charges, fled, and was later found dead on a Tel Aviv beach. The two initially came through Gaza, where they were hosted by International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activists, until they made their way to Tel Aviv to carry out the attack.

  1. Um, just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but…
    is there a particular reason this shouldn’t be reported? Is it inaccurate? If ISM fucked up, should the press cover for them?

    Just asking.

    1. Mike’s place bombing
      The two British Muslims who were responsible for the Mike’s Place bombing visited a Rachel Corrie memorial held by the ISM in the Gaza Strip before their attack. This hardly consitutes a connection to ISM.

        1. as I pointed out
          the quote comes from an ultra-Zionist newspaper, the settlers’ rag Arutz Sheva. They want to paint everything in as poor as possible a light for the ISM. “Hosted” implies they were somehow invited, and that they were given some grand treatment. Why are you pressing it so?

        2. Because…
          there is a big difference between showing up uninvited for an hour or two and being “hosted.” If it was the prior, ISM should sue.

          1. To clarify
            The memorial for Rachel was held after an open invitation was put out to anyone who wanted to participate. Lots of people showed up, had tea briefly and then went out to the site of Rachel’s murder. That is the extent of the “hosting.” Most of the people who showed up had no direct connection to ISM but merely wanted to pay their respects. The entire affair took up about 20-30 minutes according to those present. Afterwards the participants broke up and went their own way.