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OK readers, we have finally unveiled our long-awaited redesign. Now we need to pay for it. We want to hear from you with your feedback. And we also urgently need your support. To get out of debt, we need to raise at least $1,000 dollars. The sooner we can pay it off, the sooner we can put funds toward journalism—more first-hand reports from the frontlines of the indigenous struggle in Andes, and our planned excursion to North Africa and Western Sahara. The kind of reportage on forgotten struggles for land and autonomy around the world that you can only find on World War 4 Report. $1,000 isn't very much—far less than what most alternative websites ask of their readers. Do we have 50 readers that we can count on to give just $20 each? If you value World War 4 Report's work, and want us to be there to continue bringing you news from the Fourth World across Planet Earth, please get the ball rolling on this urgent fund appeal—now, while you are thinking about it! 


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Remember, World War 4 Report is 100% reader-supported. We are proudly independent radical journalists, and we cling to the democratic ethic of user-supportered media. That means we depend on you. Not George Soros. Not the Rockefeller Foundation. Not Teresa Heinz Kerry. You. Readers may not always agree with us—you may strongly disagree, and are encouraged to express your disagreement in our comments section. But you always get a unique, iconoclastic voice on World War 4 Report.

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  1. Reader testimonials

    What our readers are saying:

    Have not yet read an article on the ww4 site that didn’t prompt me to think carefully about my position on the subject—well recommended!

    —Seng-gye Tombs-Curtis, reader on Facebook

    WW4report is even more relevant today than it was 10 years ago!

    —J. Schmidt, New Orleans, former LAARNG (Louisiana Nat’l Guard) 2002-2004 (via e-mail)

    This site is NECESSARY to world survival. Period!

    —DE Teodoru, World War 4 Report comment

    Bill [Weinberg is] a cathartic tornado of pure rationalism… in the end the result is the same… the intellectual air is clear and fresh… but there are some intellectual structures have been destroyed along it’s path in an unpredictable pattern. 

    —anonymous poster on Listener Forums, WBAI’s unofficial message board