‘We have made mistakes, some serious’: FARC

Three of FARC’s most senior figures on Aug. 1 admitted that their rebel group  has made mistakes, an apparent step towards an apology for crimes committed by the guerillas. In an interview published on the rebel group’s website, FARC commanders “Ivan Marquez,” “Pablo Catatumbo” and “Rodrigo Granda” talked about the possibility of apologizing, something the FARC so far has refused to do in spite of numerous sentences for war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law. It is Catatumbo who admitted that “we have made mistakes, some serious indeed… I have no problem in telling a woman or a family: ‘I feel sorry about the pain we have caused with the death of your loved one.'” 

However, Catatumbo called for everyone involved in the conflict to apologize as well, from the “economic associations that financed the war” to the “mass media who reproduced stigmatization that led to murders and massacres.” He finished by saying “the governments of the United States, Israel, some European countries and others that have supported various criminal governments of Colombia cannot be left outside of this ceremony. All together, we can decide who the terrorists and murderers of the people are.” (Colombia Reports, Aug. 2)

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