Was drone strike on US forces in Jordan or Syria?


President Joe Biden is pledging undefined retaliation¬†after three US troops were killed and dozens more injured in a drone strike Jan. 28, being blamed on one of the¬†Iran-backed militias that have been harassing US-led coalition forces in Iraq and Syria since eruption of the new Gaza conflict. It is widely reported that the target was a site¬†in Jordan known as Tower 22, which provides logistical support for the US outpost across the border at al-Tanf, Syria‚ÄĒnear where the borders of Jordan, Syria and¬†Iraq¬†intersect. However, a¬†communique¬†that day from the¬†umbrella group for Iran-backed factions known as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq¬†did not mention¬†Tower 22, but claimed responsibility for drone strikes on three sites within Syria.¬†These are¬†al-Tanf, the nearby border outpost of¬†Rukban, and¬†Shaddadi‚ÄĒover 200 kilometers away in¬†Hasakah governorate, in the northeastern corner of Syria, near oil fields¬†that are under the control of US-backed Kurdish forces. (See map)¬†(AP, LWJ)

Also that day, a¬†commander of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, another Iran-backed faction,¬†said that the opening of talks between the US and Baghdad on the¬†withdrawal of coalition troopsfrom Iraq¬†would not mean a halt to its attacks on US positions. “Iraq’s negotiations with the Americans will never cause a decline in efforts by the Islamic resistance against the outsiders, and they will even cause us to pile more pressure on the occupiers,”¬†an unnamed Nujaba commander told Iranian state media. (Press TV)

Image: Pixabay