Venezuela: protests as cable TV stations ordered closed

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans opposed to Hugo Chávez took to the streets of Caracas Jan. 23, blaming him for numerous problems in the country, including increased electricity blackouts, water rationing, and widespread crime. The rallies coincided with the 52nd anniversary of the uprising that toppled Venezuela’s last dictator (Marcos Pérez Jiménez). (AlJazeera, Jan. 23).

The following day, Venezuela’s government ordered six cable TV channels off the air for breaking a law on transmitting government material. The privately owned RCTV International, openly opposed to President Chávez, is one of those affected. On Saturday, the same day as the protests, the government had ordered RCTV to broadcast an official message, but the channel refused to comply. The communications director for RCTV, Gladys Zapain, told AFP there was “no prior notification” of the move. (BBC News, Jan. 24)

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  1. the bbc?
    why would anyone quote bbc on venezuela,it has a 10 year campaign of documented distorted facts reporting on venezuela,not to mention other latin american nations.are you also awrae of bbc scandal where reseracheres uncovered mi6 edited no elss then 6300 posted articles?ever been to sourcewatch?isuggest you do some reserach on the bias against veenzuela coming from bbc,plesase so i dont lose respect for this site.

  2. Much more to story
    The Jan 24 marches — both pro-government and anti-government — coincide with the Jan 23, 1958 overthrow of the brutal US-backed dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez ( The anti-government marches obviously have the goal of overthrowing the Chavez government and there are many Venezuelan organizations with funding of the U.S. government, organizational assistance from the U.S. embassy, etc. (Read the work of Venezuelan-U.S. attorney Eva Gollinger, among others). Some protestors — incredibly –called for Venezuelans to consume more electricity and water as a means of protest in the midst of a serious energy shortage brought on by drought, infra-structural problems, and increased consumption. Chavez popularity continues around 60% according to polls (IVAD). U.S. military intervention in Colombia (the use of at least 7 bases by the U.S. military and mercenary contracting companies), violations of its airspace by Curacao-based U.S. aircraft, and increasing U.S. intelligence (espionage and covert action) in Venezuela and the region are reason for concern for the Venezuelan government as well as other governments in the region. U.S. support for the coup in Honduras marked the end of the Obama rhetoric of a new era in Latin American relationships. Good alternative sources of information are,,, and For those concerned about the “free press” in Venezuela, one should study the role of the press in the 2002 U.S. backed attempt to overthrow Chavez, as well as other examples of press involvement in subversion around the world, including the CIA use of journalists (both in the U.S. and abroad). The CIA and U.S. subversion and intervention are on the march worldwide.

  3. Youth killed in Venezuela protest
    A 15-year-old student was killed and nine police officers injured Jan. 24 in violence linked to protests over the suspension of RCTV. Interior Minister, Tarek El Aissami said the student, Josino José Carrillo, reportedly a Chávez supporter, was killed while participating in a peaceful demonstration (presumably, a counter-demonstration) in the city of Mérida. There were also more protests in the capital, Caracas, where police used tear-gas and plastic bullets. (AlJazeera, LAT, Jan. 26; Reuters, Jan. 25)

  4. Come up with something new
    You would be hard pressed on the website to find a story that does not blame all of the problems and failings of some random 3rd world country on the United States, This is rediculas amount of arrogance from even americans who decry America. They would have us beleive that America is so suppior to other countries that it controls all aspects of everyones lives. THey would have you believe that for example Africans are to simple to do anything and the US takes over (China is the biggest investor on the continet) This further absolves bad leaders and bad goverments of any resposibility by providing a convieniant excuse. The overwhelming reason a country is a bad country is that the goverment of that country gets up every day and works hard at screwing it up. The US has and continues to make mistakes and screw things up, But quit bashing, if you are going to make things up get creative, cause this dead equine is starting to smell and requires no further beating.