Venezuela arrests generals accused in coup plot

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on March 26 that three air force generals were arrested and brought before a military tribunal for plotting a coup. In his remarks on Venezuela's state run broadcast, Maduro stated that the three generals, who he did not name, were "trying to turn the air force against the legitimately constituted government." Additionally, he stated that the generals had direct ties with opposition groups in Venezuela. Since taking office in April 2013, Maduro has routinely accused his political opponents of plotting coups, but he seldom provides evidence or gives the public details. Earlier this month a group of independent experts from the UN asked Venezuela to explain allegations of arbitrary detention and excessive force against journalists and demonstrators during the country's recent protests. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay one week earlier condemned  the recent political violence in Venezuela and urged all parties to move towards resolving the situation.

From Jurist, March 26. Used with permission.