US Marines to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has granted the US military a six-month window to bring 7,000 Marines, five planes and 46 warships into its territory to help intercept north-bound narcotics. The permission, granted by a 31-8 vote of the Legislative Assembly on July 2, allows the US to use the country’s territory through Dec. 31. Some legislators voiced concern about the authorization, saying it gives the US a “blank check” to use the nation’s territory and threatens its sovereignty. Public Security Minister José María Tijerino said specific requests to dock US military ships must be submitted one month in advance. (Tico Times, July 5)

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  1. Costa Rican supreme court temporarily halts entry of US military
    The Costa Rican Supreme Court in late July agreed to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of a US-Costa Rican agreement that would allow for a massive US military presence. The agreement cannot go into effect until the Supreme Court rules, thus postponing the arrival of US forces. (Narco News, July 28)