US bombs Pakistan —again?

Pakistan security officials say a suspected US missile strike into the North Waziristan region killed ten people Nov. 7. Reports indicate most of the militants killed were “foreigners.” The strike is said to have targeted an al-Qaeda training center in the mountains south of the town of Mir Ali. (Radio Australia, Nov. 7)

On Nov. 6, a suicide car bomber wounded at least 20 near a police compound in the Mingora area of the Swat Valley. A fire-fight broke out afterward, according to the military. Earlier that day, a suicide attack killed at least 17 in the Bajur tribal agency. (AP, Nov. 6)

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  1. More info on Pakistan air-strikes
    The Washington Post names the targted village as Kam Sam, North Waziristan, and notes that it marks the first attack since Pakistan’s defense ministry warned the newly appointed head of US Central Command, Gen. David Petraeus, to halt airborne assaults inside Pakistan. The Post reports that since August, more than 100 people have been killed in 18 US airstrikes in Pakistan’s tribal borderlands.