Trump executive order to keep Gitmo prison open

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order Jan. 30 to continue operations at the Guantánamo Bay detention center. The order states that the facility is "legal, safe, humane, and conducted consistent with United States and international law." Trump's new executive order not only allows for those detained currently to remain detained, but also allows for the US to transport new persons to the facility when lawful and necessary. Trump's order revokes the 2009 order from then-president Barack Obama that was intended to close the facility at Guantánamo and transfer detainees to other detention facilities, their home countries or to a third country. There are currently 41 detainees in custody at Guantánamo.

From Jurist, Jan. 31. Used with permission.

Note: Trump's executive order comes the same day that he pledged "to keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay" in his first State of the Union address—to applause from the Republican side of the aisle. It also comes nearly nine years to the day after Obama's executive order to begin the process of closing the facility.

Photo: Wikimedia