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Dear WW4 REPORT Readers:

The upcoming anniversary of the September 11 attacks will mark four years that WORLD WAR 4 REPORT has been publishing. After three years of experimenting, we believe we have found both a name and a format that work.

The “World War III” envisioned in the Cold War was a devastating conflict between two monolithic superpowers. The Cold War, thankfully, never reached this climax. But now we are faced with its chilling sequel: the age of “asymmetrical” or “molecularized” warfare, in which a single globalized superpower faces an invisible, hydra-headed enemy which is everywhere and nowhere; in which the expansion of “free markets” is an explicit aim of military campaigns; and in which indigenous peoples, stateless ethnicities and localist/autonomist poltical models—the “fourth world”–are increasingly targeted and conflated with the “terrorist” threat. The leaders of this new global crusade acknowledge openly that it will last generations. To emphasize that this new world situation requires a new kind of thinking, we have joined with those on the left and right alike that call this global conflict World War 4.

In our new format, we have both a monthly webzine, posted on our homepage (ww4report.com) and sent out by e-mail to our subscribers; and an ongoing digest and commentary on the news, updated daily on our weblog (ww4report.com/blog). In the webzine, we present real journalism—that endangered species—as well as occasional reviews and commentary, and selections from our colleagues at Weekly News Update on the Americas. In the weblog, we survey and dissect the journalism and commentaries of others—whether it comes from the corporate or alternative media. We bring a critical eye to both—as we have most recently to coverage of the horrific terror attacks in London.

The left and right media alike are increasingly reduced to short, fact-free opinion-spewing. We believe that these dangerous times call for in-depth analysis and a painstakingly close attention to facts. Left and right alike increasingly march in ideological lockstep within their own ranks. We believe in independent thinking, and criticizing the left from within the left when called for (which is often). Left and right alike see the world solely through the prism of US power—whether abhorring or glorifying it. We believe the myriad wars of the new global conflict cannot be understood without also looking at local contexts—cultural, historical, ecological.

In short, we believe what we are doing is vital. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing it. Now here’s the rub: We cannot survive and grow without your support. Producing WORLD WAR 4 REPORT is a full-time job for me and my co-editor David Bloom. We can still not afford to pay our writers, who often file first-hand reports from war zones—as Kody Emmanuel does this month from Haiti. We want to make this project sustainable, and we still want to launch a print edition—which continues to look like a distant dream.

And we want to do all this without compromising our independence or commitment to reader democracy. That’s why we encourage dialogue with you, the reader, through our monthly “exit poll”; encourage you to post comments on our weblog; and invite you to submit stories for publication. And that’s also why we ask you for money twice a year (although we only expect you to give once a year), instead of going hat-in-hand to the big foundations.

So once again: If you gave last year, please give again this year. If you’ve never given before, please give what you can. We have a sliding scale based on the honor system. Please find your category (honestly) on the chart below, and please send something TODAY, while you are still thinking about it.

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Bill Weinberg


July 10, 2005