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Hey, loyal readers and newbies. In 2015, World War 4 Report finally took the plunge and removed the damn Google Ads from our website. We were encouraged by the fact that a reader in Montreal signed up to sponsor us on Patreon. Since then, a reader in Oman became a monthly subscriber on PayPal, joining another in the Bronx. So now have one Patreon sponsor, and two monthly PayPal subscribers. Supporters in Brooklyn, NY; Portland, Maine; and Danbury, NH, have also sent us donations totaling $200. When we first broached ditching the Google Ads, we set a goal of $100 a month from our readers—which had been our goal for Google Ads earnings. Between our three monthly subscribers, we are now making $15 a month. We consider that a good start! Just 17 more subscribers at $5 per month will bring us to our goal! Will you help our ultra-dissident voice survive?

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World War 4 Report is the only website on the contemporary American left that: 1.) offers daily rigorous reportage on the under-reported wars around the world; 2.) offers ongoing in-depth coverage of land and autonomy struggles worldwide; 3.) offers a dissident "neither/nor" perspective on the Global War on Terrorism, supporting the secular-left forces in the Middle East in repudiation of the imperialists, dictators and jihadis alike.

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  1. Reader testimonials

    What our readers are saying:

    Orwell levels of clarity. Keep up the good work.

    —Charles Copeland, reader on Facebook

    Have not yet read an article on the ww4 site that didn't prompt me to think carefully about my position on the subject—well recommended!

    —Seng-gye Tombs-Curtis, reader on Facebook

    WW4report is even more relevant today than it was 10 years ago!

    —J. Schmidt, New Orleans, former LAARNG (Louisiana National Guard) 2002-2004 (via e-mail)

    This site is NECESSARY to world survival. Period!

    —DE Teodoru, World War 4 Report comment

    Bill [Weinberg is] a cathartic tornado of pure rationalism… in the end the result is the same… the intellectual air is clear and fresh… but there are some intellectual structures that have been destroyed along its path in an unpredictable pattern.

    —anonymous poster on Listener Forums, WBAI's unofficial message board

    OK, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Maine, New Hampshire, Montreal and Oman are heard from so far this fund drive. Who will be next to help keep our voice alive? Please become our next supporter…

  2. Thank you, Bellingham!

    A reader in Bellingham, Wash., just made a donation of $50. This brings the total of our winter fund drive to $250. Can we please reach a thousand—which still comes to only about half our annual operating expenses? Who's next?