Philippines: Mindanao anarchists appeal for kitchen supplies

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In Davao City, on the conflicted Philippine island of Mindanao, a group of nonviolent anarchists known as the “As A Whole” Collective have for the past two years been feeding homeless youth and the elderly as a local Food Not Bombs chapter, as well as holding rallies against corporate exploitation, and were part of a successful activist campaign that resulted in a complete ban of aerial pesticide spraying on banana plantations. The group has now established a space called Saydee’s Kitchen, from which they are offering free meals twice a week, feeding up to 100 youth and elderly. While local markets are donating food, Saydee’s Kitchen is requesting donations of stoves, large cooking pans and kitchen utensils, or money to purchase these items.

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Saydee’s Kitchen can be contacted through their website

or by e-mail: christine_gestosani (at)

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