Peru: Sendero Luminoso take Camisea workers hostage

Presumed guerillas of the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) movement seized a work camp of the Camisea Consortium April 9 at Kepashiato community, La Convención province, Cuzco region, holding captive the 30 workers there. Several hours later, all but seven were released—sent walking towards the Kepashiato village center, where the National Police established a command post after the hostage-taking. The seven remaining are employees of the Skanska and Coga construction companies, which are contracted by the consortium. National Police say they believe the armed men are Sendero militants who entered La Convención Valley from the Apurímac-Ene River Valley (VRAE), a pocket of jungle just over a mountain range to the northwest where a surviving Sendero column is active. (WSJ, Reuters, La Republica, RPP,Terra Peru, April 9)

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