Palestinian president: Slaughter Hamas

The following was reported by Amit Cohen in the center-right Israeli paper Ma’ariv in Hebrew on Sept. 19:

Abu Mazen instructed his general “Slaughter them”
The clip [shown at the Ma’ariv link] apparently shows a meeting in Abu-Mazen’s [President Mahmoud Abbas] bureau in Gaza in which members of the preventive security force identified with [Fatah strongman in Gaza] Muhammad Dahlan participated. When meeting the older gentleman dressed in black uniform, Abu Mazen asks him “are you the head of the preventive security force.” When the answer is in the affirmative Abu-Mazen says one word, “slaughter [them]”

[translation by Sol Salbe]

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  1. Hamas TV is the source for the video
    From the settlers’ newspaper, Arutz Sheva, Sept. 17:

    Abbas Filmed Telling Security Chief: “Slaughter” Hamas

    ( Hamas TV has aired a short videotape that seems to show Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas telling a security chief to “slaughter” Hamas’ men.

    The snippet shows Abbas at a photo opportunity, shaking the hand of a man in uniform. Apparently confident that the audio would never be aired, Abbas asks him “are you the commander of the operational force?” and the man answers in the affirmative. Abbas then says one word forcefully: “itbakh!” – which is Arabic for the imperative “slaughter.”

    Arab sources told NRG that the uniformed man is known as “Sinbad,” and that he had been in charge of a Fatah force created to fight Hamas during the war between the terror groups in Gaza. The tape was apparently shot during the internecine war, and Abbas was telling “Sinbad” to slaughter the Hamas forces.