Our readers write: Should BP be nationalized?

Our August issue featured the story BP: The Case for Public Ownership by Billy Wharton, a reprint from In These Times. Our multiple-choice Exit Poll was: “Should BP be nationalzied?” We received 16 votes. The results follow:

Yes, it is high time that the world’s most critical industry is operated in the public interest: 44% (7 votes)
Yes, but only as a step towards dismantling it, and implementing a crash conversion from fossil fuels: 44% (7 votes)
No way, go back to Trotskygrad you commie creep: 0% (0 votes)
Public and private ownership are just as bad; only industrial collapse can save the planet: 13% (2 votes)

Now we’d like to know: Do we really only have 16 readers?

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