Occupy Tel Aviv —again

More than 3,000 marched in Tel Aviv July 13 for a rally marking the two-year anniversary of the mass movement against inequality which saw major demonstrations in the summer of 2011. Protesters marched from Habima Square to Kaplan Street, the heart of Israel’s administrative center, chanting against the economic policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Chants and banners also opposed tax hikes, and Israel’s new gas export plan. Some slogans compared Netanyahu to Egypt’s recently ousted President Mohammed Morsi, calling for “revolution” and declaring that “the rule of capital is criminal.” Protesters blocked  traffic on Ayalon freeway, Tel Aviv’s main thoroughfare, until they were dispersed by police at around 1 AM. A few remained, however, setting up encampments in front of the Kiriya, the central government complex, and Ministry of Defense headquarters. (Times of Israel, Ha’aretz, July 13)

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