Oaxaca: Section 22 teachers in dialogue with Mexican government

The Section 22 teachers union in the conflicted southern Mexican state of Oaxaca has entered into dialogue with the federal Government Secretariat (Gobernaci├│n). There are two issues they have agreed to discuss: release of unionists detained in the strike over the past year, and resolving the situation at 227 Oaxaca schools divided by labor strife. These schools are currently in the hands of the rival Section 59 union, formed by Oaxaca’s ruling political machine to divide the movement. (La Jornada, April 19)

Members of the Popular People’s Front of Oaxaca also took to the streets of the state capital April 19 to demand that Gov. Ulises Ruiz step down and that “political prisoners and prisoners of conscience” be released. Despite an intimidating presence of riot police, some threw paint bombs at government buildings. (La Jornada, April 20)

Sources archived at Chiapas95

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