Nigeria: more sectarian attacks

Gunmen killed at least eight people and burned down a church in attacks on two villages in Nigeria's central Plateau state, authorities reported June 11. Security officials said they are investigating who is behind the attacks in Nigeria's Middle Belt, where the largely Muslim north and Christian south meet. (Reuters, June 11) Two days earlier, more than 30 Fulani women were abducted by gunmen in three clustered settlements near the Borno state town of Chibok, where more than 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped in April. Local sources said that gunmen stormed the settlements of Bakin Kogi, Garkin Fulani and Rugar Hardo and carried off the women in vehicles. Local Fulani men have launched a mobilization to rescue the abducted women. (The Guardian, Nigeria, June 9)

  1. More terror in Nigeria

    At least 21 people were killed in a bomb blast in northern Nigeria as they were watching a World Cup match June 18. Witnesses in Damaturu, Yobe state, say a suicide bomber in a tricycle taxi detonated explosives as people watched Brazil's match against Mexico on TV. At least 27 people are said to have been seriously injured. Public screenings of the World Cup in some parts of Nigeria have been banned because of threats by Boko Haram. (BBC News)

  2. More terror in Nigeria

    In another presumed Boko Haram attack, an explosion killed 21 people at a shopping mall in Abuja. The blast came as many Nigerians were preparing to watch their country's Super Eagles play Argentina at the World Cup in Brazil. Many shops at the mall have TV screens and the explosion was apparently timed to coincide with the match. (CBC, June 25)

  3. More terror in Nigeria

    Maiduguri, Borno state's capital, was shut down July 1 after presumed Boko Haram insurgents bombed a popular market, killing 20 people, and leaving some 70 injured. Gunmen meanwhile attacked the city of Bauchi, killing a resident and torching 50 houses. (The Sun, Abuja, July 2)

  4. Nigerian women escape Boko Haram

    More than 60 women and girls are reported to have escaped from their Boko Haram captors in Borno state. They were among 68 abducted last month near the town of Damboa. Reports say the women escaped when the militants went to attack a military base near Damboa on July 4. The Nigerian military said it killed more than 50 rebels in a clash that night. (BBC News)