Moorish Science in the news

A recent story in New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press sheds light on a highly esoteric group which can make a claim to being an indigenous American form of Islam, the Moorish Science movement. The story concerns Lee S. Crudup, who now goes by his “Moorish-American” name of Nature El Bey. Earlier this year, he was charged with—and acquitted of—failing to cooperate with Asbury Park police by giving a false name. He was convicted of not registering or insuring his car, and served 14 days in jail. He has now filed a federal suit, along with the Moorish Science Temple of America, accusing Asbury Park authorities of kidnapping him and illegally depriving him of his property under color of law. His numerous unorthodox legal arguments include that police have no right to stop citizens—only the sheriff, who holds the sole law enforcement office created by the state constitution, can do so, El Bey told the newspaper. But the larger issue seems to be the Moorish Science doctrine that Moorish-Americans constitute a separate nationality and are not subject to US law—or only to a strict constitutional interpretation. This doctrine has also brought followers of Moorish Science into frequent conflict with the IRS.

Because these beliefs reflect the Common Law interpretations popular on the grassroots right, Moorish Science has come under the scrutiny of hate-group watchdog organizations. The Asbury Park Press quoted Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League saying Moorish Science is a variation of the larger “sovereign citizen” movement. It also said that Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates “identifies it as a black nationalist religious movement.”

Actually, the Moorish-Americans reject the labels “black” and “African,” asserting that African-Americans are really the inheritors of a great Moorish civilization that existed on both sides of the Atlantic in ancient times, and are part of the “Great Asiatic Race,” which includes all non-white peoples. Followers wear the fez and claim to be adherents of Islam, while also recognizing other religions as legitimate paths to truth. They generally take Muslim names, or add the suffix “El” or “Bey” (a Turkish honorific) to their given names. First established in Newark in 1916 by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who published a founding document known as the “Circle-7 Koran,” the movement flourished in Chicago and was an important precursor of Elijah Muhammed’s Nation of Islam—but unlike the latter, it never espoused racial hatred. The Moorish movement’s official slogan is “Uplifting Fallen Humanity by Learning to Love Instead of Hate.” The movement is today somewhat factionalized, with the largest tendencies being the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.

Given that the Asbury Park Press story ran on Sept. 11, the New Jersey Moors must have been relieved that no attempt was made to link the movement to Islamic terrorism. One former member of the Moorish Science movement has been tied to al-Qaeda and convicted on federal terrorism charges. But the former Clement Rodney Hampton-El, who was born into Moorish Science, abandoned it for orthodox Sunni Islam and changed his name to Abdul Rashid Abullah (usually known simply as Dr. Rashid) more than 20 years before travelling to Afghanistan to fight in the Mujahedeen in 1988, and falling into the orbit of the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman, supposed mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center attack. In 1995 he was convicted in the Blind Sheikh’s supposed follow-up plot to bomb multiple New York City landmarks, and is currently serving a lengthy prison term. (See our ten-year retrospective on the 1993 WTC attack.) There is an in-depth biography of Dr. Rashid on the lugubrious website, “An archive of disturbing information.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s own web page on files released through the Freedom of Information Act reveals that the FBI investigated the Moorish Science Temple in 1953 for advocating draft evasion—and, incongruously, in 1940 on suspicion of “committing subversive activities by adhering to and spreading of Japanese propaganda.” This confusion doubtless stemmed from the group’s “Asiatic Race” rhetoric. The FBI site states that both investigations were inconclusive and brought no convictions.

WW4 Report editor Bill Weinberg’s weekly program on New York’s WBAI, the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, claims a lineage back to the Moorish Science movement. The program was founded c. 1988 by Peter Lamborn Wilson, who bequeathed it to Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson in the mid-’90s. Wilson was a founder in the early ’60s of the Moorish Orthodox Church (MOC), a sort of white bohemian offshoot of Moorish Science. However, the influence of Moorish Science on the MOC was more aesthetic than doctrinal. The MOC, with which Weinberg is unofficially affiliated, is today an amalgam of Sufism, heretical (bishar) Islam, ecstatic Christianity and gay liberation. Weinberg says he considers himself a “spiritual atheist.”

See our last post on the mysteries and paradoxes of Moorish identity.

    As a Governor of the Moorish Science Temple of America and Sheik of the Moorish Divine National Movement we see teachngs like this as an assualt on our good name as American citizens. Our Holy Prophet taught us that he wrote no laws that would interfere with any Federal, State, County, or City laws, thus if the state, county, or city requires the use of a driver’s license then we who are actual dues paying card carrying members are bound by the divine words of the Prophet to obey the laws of the government that don’t interfere with our religious freedoms and privileges.

    The real problem here is that you have those who on the one hand pretend to be members of the Moorish Science Temple of America when it’s convenient to their defense and yet these are strangers sitting by the door who aren’t members of the Temple and who don’t uphld the laws that this Divine Movement is geared towards. This Brother Taj Tarik has caused much confusion in the way of what is truly Moorish and what isn’t. With his blend of Pseudo history and law he has taken a conglomeration of misinformation and transformed it into his own brand of confusion. His case has no legal merit because the said Government that he speaks of doesn’t recognize him as a citizen, and since he isn’t by law or by his own bad actions a citizen of the Moorish Divine National Movement then he’s not a citizen anywhere and is at best a fugitive and vagabond, and at worst he is a 14th amendment anarchist.

    Our Prophet during his lifetime never named any of the members both El and Bey thus this is a foreign degree introduced by those who have totally strayed from the laws as laid down by this said government. Laws which don’t supercede the law of the land, but laws work in harmony with them. This is a totally foreign conception and at best an idealist fantasy to think that you can break the law and hide behind the good CLEAN name of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

    These people aren’t with the Prophet’s Divine movement and their own forked tongues do them in. On the one hand they claim to be a part and partial of the Moorish Science Temple of America which is a lawfully chartered RELIGIOUS corporation, and yet they state on record that they don’t deal with religion, but rather law and inalienable rights. This theory is as far fetched as landing a man on the sun for the basis of all law whether secular or non-secular takes it’s original conception from within the framework of that governments stated religion. The Moorish Science Temple of America is primarily religious which is why our Prophet Drew Ali by the Divine ordinance of Allah informed this government before setting the wheels in motion.

    We fly the American flag alongside of our Moorish flag to show our allegiance and obedience to the respect of law and good government. Although we don’t always agree with the decisions made by government as individuals, the Moorish Science Temple of America wasn’t setup in opposition to the government of the United States of North America, but rather as a semi-sovereign political body and body politic to protect and preserve the rights of the 20 plus million Asiatics in this land who stand up according to the law of the movement and PROPERLY proclaim their nationality before the said government known as the Moorish Divine National Movement. This Jural Society was setup to protect the rights of its citizens who practice there rights via the religious organization known as the Moorish Science Temple of America.

    These outsiders who tarnish our good name are likened to a virus and we say to the U.S. Government that we support your decision to expatriate these foreigners and expel them from this United States if they refuse to obey the laws or lock them up as they are but convicts posing as citizens.

    Allah is leading on and Victory is assured. To all true and faithful Moorish American citizens we say simply get ready for that great and lawful day which is sure to come.

    Governor Mahdi Nasir Shabazz El-Sheik
    MSTA/MDNM Temple #5
    Atlanta GA

      1. can you send the me the informations about what the propet said
        Peace i writing to ask for informations about what the propet said because i hear alot ot things that people said the propet didn’t say and i want to know what our propet said and done ,but by the way in time of the propet time there was no birth certificate or driver liciense or social security card and all voilation the right of true citizen of the government in which we live and you made our fellow brother a 14 amendment by your words so can you make him a 14 amendment by your deeds also ,i would like to ask are we to uplift falling brothers and sisters and is these brothers against what the moorish divine movement and if so please tell me how .and with the principals that i stand on LOVE,TRUTH,PEACE ,FREEDOM and JUSTICE. and sorry to write this letter if it offend you but i leave you in peace and AM Rahiymu El Bey,ISLAM

        1. Some clarifications
          The “Circle 7 Koran” of the Noble Drew Ali is online.

          There certainly were birth certificates and drivers’ licenses during the period that Noble Drew preached (1915-29).

          The 14th Amendment doesn’t do all the sinister things that have been attributed to it. Its intent when it was ratified in 1866 was to ensure full citizenship rights for the freed slaves. It has been interpreted by the courts to also grant certain rights (e.g. First Amendment) to corporations as “legal persons,” which is highly problematic, and there is now a movement to reverse this doctrine (see Reclaim Democracy, Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy). However, all this prattle about how the 14th amendment fundamentally changed the nature of citizenship is pretty far off the mark. Here’s the text, read it yourself:

          Article XIV.

          Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

          Section 2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age,(See Note 15) and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.

          Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

          Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

          Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. (Online at

          I caution my Moorish friends once again: the “sovereign citizen” concept has its roots among people who really reject the 14th Amendment for entirely racist reasons. The doctrine that the 14th Amendment created “two classes” of citizens (“sovereign” or “organic” and “14th amendment” or “admiralty law”) is derived from the simple unwillingness to accept non-whites as full citizens. They mix this notion up with the “two-seed” theory of the Christian Identity movement, holding that non-whites are the offspring of Satan. So there is a certain irony that this doctrine has been taken up by the Moorish movement…

          See Militia Fever by Janet Biehl

          See also this very interesting letter from a Montana Lutheran minister challenging the racist theories of the Montana Freemen, from High Country News, April 28, 1997

          1. Moorish Science KNOW THYSELF
            After reading the comments in the article, I have just one question. Where does it state in any of the Moorish Literature that “non-whites are the offspring of Satan” ?
            Also prove on the above statement ” that this doctrine has been taken up by the Moorish movement…” Please, give us page, paragraph, etc.

            I do recall reading in certain documents of government, congress and past court cases that NEGROES/BLACKS, the ame labels as AFRICAN AMERICANS, were considered to be 3/5 of a human being and in some cases not human at all. How ironic is it that the finger pointers forget to mention their own as well as their parents, instigating past when it comes to what constitutes a human being, citizen, man, woman and child and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
            I would like someone, anyone, to prove that the Prophet Nobel Drew Ali brought false teachings to the Asiatics of North America. The FBI never found it so now what makes everyone else an expert on the subject?

            Have any of these people ever attended a meeting? You would be amazed!!!
            I would appreciate if someone could prove that what the educatonal system teaches the people of Olive skin is higher than the education NOBLE DREW ALI brought to us!!!

            People this world is in dire need of redemption!!!!!
            Save yourselves!!!

            1. You aren’t reading carefully
              I said nothing to accuse Moorish Science of racist theories. I said the white-supremacist Christian Identity movement propagates such theories. Therefore, I said it was ironic that some Moorish-Americans have also embraced the “Sovereign Citizen” theories beloved of of the Christian Identity movement—as evidenced by Nature El Bey’s legal arguments, characterized earlier in this thread as “14th amendment anarchist.” Please take the time to actually read my words before you criticize.

              1. The 13th.,14th. & 15th. did
                The 13th.,14th. & 15th. did not nor do not apply to Moorish Americans. Those amendments addressed a person/or people that clung to the legally derogatory titles of negro, colored, black, etheopean, etc. which in itself is both a sinful and unconstitutional act.

            2. Moorish History
              For goodness sake!!!

              Nowhere did I mention a name.
              Yet, there was a reply that stated “They mix this notion up with the “two-seed” theory of the Christian Identity movement, holding that non-whites are the offspring of Satan. So there is a certain irony that this doctrine has been taken up by the Moorish movement…See Militia Fever by Janet Biehl

              To that I was making reference. In no way was I critcizing your article Sir. In fact, I found it very refreshing to read, and I am greatful to be able to discuss these matters on your web page.
              Without individuals such as yourself, we (The Moorish Americans)would continously remain under the stain of anit-government, anit-establishment, and anti-everything else in this society. This is far from the truth as we all know and I, especially am proud to be not only Moorish, but a mixture of every nationality that you could possibly name on the face of this earth!!!
              Yet, misconceptions do exist and it is unfortunate that people do continue to stagnate and stop their minds from growing.
              I know that the MST of A is a viable Organization that is needed for the children of today and tomorrow. I say this because even as adults we are still children, Learning and Growing mentally.
              There is so much knowledge still on these shores that it boggles my mind sometimes, but I will never stop reading, studying and learning.
              It amazes me that any One person can say that they have the true history, the knowledge or the complete origin of our people, our nation, our history, our world! Even the writings of Noble Drew Ali tells us to learn and study!!
              Yet, again, I repeat, I never heard anything regarding my history, other than slavery, in the public schools or the private educational system. It still remains the best kept “so-called” secret of the government, the social and economic systems all across Europe and all the MASTER study programs of the Universities and Colleges. etc.
              Just think about it people, tell me, who, other than Prophet Noble Drew Ali, had the fortitude, the knowledge and the strength to set our people on the right path to enable them to “Uplift Fallen Humanity”?
              Before Noble Drew Ali you never, ever, ever saw the word Moor or Moslem or Islam in a positive public print on these shores, except traveling with Columbus.
              Now, who are the true inhabitants of this country….can anyone show me that book, that page?
              If anyone out there knows more than what we have been taught in school……I will stand humbled from that fact!!!! Oh and please add the documentation if you have it.
              I’M WAITING!?

          2. 14 Amendment for Mr Weiberg
            Respectfully I disagree with your statement, “14th amendment fundamentally changed the nature of citizenship is pretty far off the mark”. The language in section 1 creates dual citizenship with a nation and a federal government that was created by nations(see “Constitution Premable…We the people of the United States…”). The 14th amendment was not ratified. There was a “rump” in congress, moreover, the dejure congress was not in session. Dual citizenship in this form creates an unconsciounable act of sedition against the republics.

            Article XIV.

            Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

            The key words in this defacto amendment are looked over. “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”…Jurisdiction is never assumed,its defined in contract, so you must ask yourself, whom have I contracted with that they may assert themselves as an authority in my life(check your passport, voter registration and social security application). All of these instruments ask if you are a citizen of the United States. These are contracts. You are never asked if you are a citizen or a national of the State. You are never asked in any application/contract if you are domiciled in a state, it is always asked if you are a resident. If you are under the jurisdiction of the United States you render your country/nation/state powerless. Read the “Virginia and the Kentucky Resolves”. We have been in rebellion against our republics.

            “are citizens of the United States”…this statement should say “are citizens “in” the United States”. The word “of” creates possession and the federal government is setting itself up as a body public. The Federalist papers number 45 says the powers of the United States federal government are few and defined. The power we have given the federal government has become limitless through the language in this defacto amendment.

            You said “The doctrine that the 14th Amendment created “two classes” of citizens (“sovereign” or “organic” and “14th amendment” or “admiralty law”) is derived from the simple unwillingness to accept non-whites as full citizens”.

            You obviously haven’t read “United States vs Cruishank .

            In conclusion I leave everyone that is seeking sovereignty/nationlity with these words: you must attach yourself administratively to a nation and you must use the treaty or constitution(written before 1868) of that nation/state to protect you from any tyrannical government. Also, you must terminate all contracts with foreign defacto states or quasi-governments that stole your liberty through acquiescence and/or operation of law mainly via the 14th amendment.

            1. “New Jersey Republic”?
              Heaven help us.

              The above post is a useful exhibit in why Noble Drew’s Moorish Americans (Black folk, in the vernacular) shouldn’t get taken in by “sovereign citizenship” theory (really, a theory of first- and second-class “dual citizenship”). In a democracy, the people are sovereign, period. Those who achieved citizenship through the 14th amendment are in no sense a unique class. More than a century and a quarter of case law says the Reconstruction Amendments (13 through 15) are wholly legitimate. Southern segregationists fumed about their supposed illegitimacy in the Civil Rights era, but the country has long since moved on. Sorry you guys didn’t get the word.

              US v. Cruikshank was a (largely successful) attempt to deny Black folk the rights guaranteed them under the Reconstruction Amendments, and was a part of the general racist backlash against Reconstruction that followed the election of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876 (the same year as the ruling). The case arose as a challenge to federal prosecution of the authors of the notorious Colfax Massacre of 1873, in which the White League, a supremacist militia, attacked a Black political meeting at a courthouse in Colfax, Louisiana, and clashed with the (then nearly all Black) state militia that was mobilized to the scene. Some 100 Black men were killed (and three of the White League thugs). White Leaguer Bill Cruikshank and his co-defendants were convicted on charges of conspiracy to deny constitutional rights. But the Supreme Court found that the federal government had no authority to protect the constitutional rights of citizens, and that such responsibility “rests alone with the States.” Conveniently, the ruling coincided with the disbanding of the Reconstruction-era state militias throughout the South, and the imposition of Jim Crow and Klan terror.

              This repugnant doctrine was thoroughly overturned in the Civil Rights era, just as “separate but equal” was overturned by Brown v. Board of Education. The relevant cases here are US v. Guest (1966), which concerned the murder of Lemuel A. Penn, a Black army officer who was waylaid by whites while driving through Georgia on his way to Washington DC, and US v. Price (also 1966), which concerned the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi, the famous Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman.

              As for the Virgina and Kentucky Resolutions, you are reaching all the way back to 1799! They were a rejection of the draconian Alien & Sedition Acts on “state sovereignty” grounds. But after the Alien & Sedition Acts were long overturned, they were turned to as a defense of secession and slavery on “state sovereignty” grounds. Andrew Jackson (no enemy of slavery!) rejected these arguments in the 1832 Nullification Crisis, and prevailed over the efforts of South Carolina to resist federal tariffs on these grounds, declaring “Disunion by armed force is treason.” Nonetheless, the same argument was taken up by Sen. John Calhoun to deny Congressional authority to bar slavery from the territories—which was the real issue behind the Nullification Crisis anyway. Such a noble tradition you guys are defending!

              In my worst nightmares, I fear such racist pseudo-legal sophistries may get a new lease on life in backlash against the Obama victory. But until you sway the judiciary, which strikes me as a long shot even under the worst-case scenario, the Reconstruction Amendments are the law of the land. With any luck, your futile protestations are no more than a muffled last gasp from the proverbial dustbin of history.

              Finally, you spelled both my name and Cruikshank’s incorrectly.

              This item has long since been closed. You are not invited to respond. If you don’t like it, you can feel free to diss me to your heart’s content on your own damn blog.

              1. This Is Not A Democracy
                the united states is not a democracy, it is legally a constitutional republic. i am sorry you didn’t get that word my friend. educating your self is a must!

                1. And This Is Not An Open Item
                  But just for the record, the United States certainly is a (bourgeois) democracy, and there is no contradiction whatsoever between that and a “constitutional republic.” Indeed, the first necessarily implies the latter.

        2. The Prophet’s Words
          I.S.L.A.M. Mo

          I read your concern and I would like to suggest that you acquire the Articles of Religion. The Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, The Koran Questions for Moorish Americans, the Divine Constitution and By-Laws and the Moorish Literature. This is a good place to start to become acquainted with the sayings of Our Prophet. I hope that this will help you. Peace

      2. S.O.S
        I am a Moorish American who is lost here in the state of NC. I need the help from our nation. Currently I have no information on where to pay my dues, nor do I have a temple to attend. I am in serious need of some lessons and contact with other Moors. I have my Circle 7, constitution, and a few other articles that I value deeply. Unfortunately my card was destroyed in a laundry incident and I am in serious need of a new one. Please respond asap. thank you

        1. Peace , Moor don’t
          Peace , Moor don’t have to learn how to network. There is no moor excuses. That helping hand you’re looking for is at the end of your arm.I know how you feel though because I’m in Virginia with very few moors but you find your own circle or base of knowledge and run with it. Also papers don’t make you a Moor,you were born one move on that tell yourself that remind yourself that Moors are men uprigth independent and fearless. Keep in touch with every Moor you meet Think positive and also remember You are never alone your Creator is everywhere know that!!!!!!! To build Moor email, Peace Moors

        2. join us at our conference
          join us at our conference calls sat at 4:45 and sunday at 11:45, the number is 712 421-6811 pass code 6482#. Call up and network with moors who live by our 5 principles

        3. Moorish Lessons
          ISLAM Moor,
          I give all praises to ALLAH on this Friday Holy Day. I greet you in Islam. Where do you domicile(reside)? I domicile right outside of Winston-Salem. We find ourselves in the same situations. You are not the only one in this predicament. I am currently in contact with Moors who are able to provide lessons and other materials for the brothers and sisters. I will be starting a study group soon. If you are in the area then feel free to contact me on my cell (336/429-7475). May ALLAH continue to guide you in your navigating across your land.

    1. Moors who seek Truth
      In harmony with the Divine Constitution, it is highly disapointing to me, and even more difficult to believe that one who studies Moorish Science can be so misinformed about the Movement. To anyone who seeks the truth, I would suggest studying the information submitted by Mr Weinberg and beginning your journey there.
      Keep in mind it is imperative in all instances to travel deeper than the surface in order to recieve the truth in it’s entirerty.





    2. slander
      Why slander your own brother based on gossip. Your article is full of contradictions and you appear to have a lack of knowledge of the law you claim to follow. You’ll never get the attention you seek by selling out your own family(house-negro). Do you think that your view on movement and the prophet give you a lighter complection. The prophet spoke about the lack of the need of the application of the 14th amendment in the divine warning so how could these moors be anarchist and vagabonds to that 14th amendment as you stated. You should pray you dont get sued by these “outsiders” you mentioned. these issues should be heard in-house

      1. And in that spirit…
        …I would like to point out that the purpose of this website is not to debate the doctrinal schisms within the contemporary Moorish Science movement. There are indeed plenty of Moorish-oriented websites where this can be debated “in-house.” However, at risk of extending the debate, I think it would be instructive to take a look at what the Anti-Defamation League has to say about the Moorish movement on their page on the “Sovereign Citizen Movement.” On this page “Moorish groups” are discussed alongside grassroots-right groups such as the Montana Freemen, the Republic of Texas and the ultra-racist Posse Comitatus.

        First, this what they say about about the sigificance of the “Pernicious 14th Amendment” to these groups:

        Among the various subjects of energetic sovereign citizen revisionism, perhaps none is more important than the 14th Amendment. Ratified in 1868, the Amendment had several aims, including the guaranteeing of United States citizenship for the ex-slaves. But to sovereign citizens it did much more; they claim that before its ratification, virtually no one was a “citizen of the United States.” One would previously have been a citizen of the republic of Ohio or of some other state; only residents of Washington, D.C., or federal territories were citizens of the United States. The 14th Amendment created an entirely new class of citizens, they argue, one that anybody, theoretically, could voluntarily join.

        But to become a citizen of the United States was to willingly subject oneself to the complete authority of the federal and state governments; clearly, no one would want to do this. The government, therefore, tricked people into entering into its jurisdiction and that of the “corporate” state government by having them sign contracts with it. The trick was that people did not even realize they were signing contracts: these included items like Social Security cards, drivers’ licenses, car registrations, wedding licenses or even, as Terry Nichols noted, hunting licenses and zip codes.

        The sovereign citizen solution to this problem is the one that Nichols used. Since these contracts were made without people’s knowledge, they could be declared invalid and torn up. Social Security numbers, licenses and permits, even birth certificates could be revoked, allowing people thereby to become “sovereign citizens,” freed from the jurisdiction of the “de facto” government and courts. They were once more subject only to the “common law.”

        The development of this theory resulted in a movement whose members believe not only that virtually all levels of government have no jurisdiction over them whatsoever, but also that acceptance of any government regulation or permit means entering into a “contract” with the government that results in the loss of liberty and freedom. Consequently, committed sovereign citizens resist, sometimes with violence, nearly every form of governmental authority, from police enforcing traffic regulations to inspectors enforcing building codes. Unsurprisingly, they end up in constant conflict with the law.

        Here is ADL’s brief entry on the Moorish-Americans:

        Moorish groups. The resurgence of sovereign citizen activity in the 1990s led to an unexpected development: the appropriation of sovereign citizen ideology and tactics by a variety of African American groups. These groups, generally identifying themselves as “Moors,” combine standard sovereign citizen theories with many new twists and additions of their own. Some groups are, to varying degrees, Islamic in nature, while others adhere to various New Age philosophies. Examples include the Moorish Nation, the United Mawshakh Nation of Nuurs and the Washitaw Nation. A number of such groups have ties to “traditional” sovereign citizen groups. Many of their tactics are the same, too, from bogus automobile documents to Redemption.

        And what is “Redemption”?

        The most recent surge in the use of fictitious financial instruments began in 1999 with the development of a tactic called “Redemption” (sometimes known as “Accept for Value”), based on the theories of Roger Elvick, a sovereign citizen and white supremacist convicted on fraud charges in the 1980s. Redemptionists argue that by using a complicated process known as “regaining one’s straw man” they can establish special Treasury Department accounts and issue bogus instruments they call “sight drafts” to pay off debts or make purchases. Should law enforcement officials or others interfere with this activity, redemptionists are told to file falsified I.R.S. Form 8300s against them, alleging that such officials engaged in a suspicious currency transaction. By the end of 1999, Redemption had swept across the country. Sovereign citizen organizations like The Aware Group, Rightway L.A.W. and the Republic of Texas, among others, regularly hold Redemption seminars to teach the tactic to eager audience members. A number of practitioners have been arrested since 1999 in Idaho, Ohio, Oregon, West Virginia and other states for attempting to pass the fictitious sight drafts or for harassing public officials attempting to halt the practice. In 2001, it is probably the single most popular sovereign citizen tactic.

        However, sovereign citizens have a number of other weapons at their disposal. Many have engaged in a variety of frauds and scams, often targeting people with similar ideological beliefs in what might be called affinity fraud. A few of these schemes, most notably those perpetrated by the Colorado-based We the People and the Florida-based Greater Ministries International in the 1990s, took in millions of dollars. Other sovereign citizen groups, like the Embassy of Heaven and the Washitaw Nation, have specialized in the creation of fictitious car-related documents ranging from drivers’ licenses to license plates.

        Without wishing to pass judgement on the doctrine of “Redemption,” I will point out that the license plate issue is, at least potentially, a little more complicated than portrayed here. For instance, the Native Hawaiian sovereignty movement has also issued its own license plates—and given that the US Congress has officially apologized for the 1893 US-backed coup that deposed the Hawaiian monarchy and led to the archipelago’s annexation, this assertion of sovereignty cannot be dismissed as dubious. The case was argued eloquently in the Washington Law Review in 1996, in an article posted on the Hawaii Nation website.

        Similarly, the Washitaw Moors claim that their soveriegnty was officially recognized by the French and Spanish colonial rulers of Louisiana, and that the US has been illegally occupying their lands since the Louisiana Purchase. Again, I do not wish here to pass judgement on the veracity of this claim, as I have not exhaustively researched it—I am merely noting its existence.

        So while I warn my Moorish brothers and sisters against adopting the ideology of those who would ultimately like to hang them (e.g. Posse Comitatus), I likewise warn the ADL against painting with too broad a brush…

      2. is truth now called or referred to as slander

        how strange it is to hear someone who probably isn’t a real members in theM.S.T.of A Step out and attempt to say what is slander and what is their ownpronnounced idea of things.

        Gossip he say but truth it is still no matter what sort of strange funny face the author of this posting seek to put on it, just last years mr Taj refused to attent a Moorish event simply because Grand Sheik yssis Saadi El added a Friday night holy day servies and now Taj Talik is suppose to be a Divine Mintsr ansd he is openly against the practice of religion , ansd in his own corrupted so-called Mmorish new paper he often writes outright against bith the Prophet Ali’s Divine Teaching and Divine Doctrine he does this publically right but this foolish one here hasn’t said a thing about that!

        Patner in crime they are it would seem huh? now as all will notice that while Governor Mahdi Nasir Shabazz El uses the Prophet Ali.s Divine teaching to support what hs has said and declared things from this one nhere literally avoid doing so in his strange sort of debate.

        It seem to us thst it is he who is of the willfully ignorance ones, {ee Black law dictoionarey under the entitlement Voluntary state of ignorant onces} and we wish these dirty one would seek to take us to court what ould they called themselves Moors oh one called us yesterday trying to get on our T.V.Program and we suggest to him that we were more than willing to openly debate this issue with him and suddenly he didn’t have the heart any more wonder why?

        Lastly the founder an established of who is and who is not deem a Moors is clearly written and can be legally and lafuly defined , as being a member[ that means being in direct accordent with act 6 and act 7] so who do these smely culprit pay their dues and taxes too, what Grand Body are they with ? as to date there is no grand body in the whole of the M.S.T.of A. That support not paying taxes etc, look at Alpone of Chicago fame was sent to jail for what reason , if for not paying taxes then tell us when did the Prophet issue out a order for Moorish American Moslems not to pay taxes sir?

        Now simply having a Nationality card in your pocklet gotten under the dsidgusie of you wanting to have one and not living up to all the declared responisiblity thereon it then you are deem a hypocrite and a open enemy of Allah, Islam, the Prophets of Allah and the M.S.T.of A. Period its that simple even stupid can see that.

        so if you are not in line with Act6 and act 7, and you are not paying your taxes to the federal, State and county governemtn then you are not with the Prophet Ali;s directive and you are not with the prophet Ali when he declared in the Prophet announce his Authority and Power that he hasn’t made any rule. regulation or laws which varies with any county, state or National laws and nor shall the Grand body of the M.S.T.of A. By any future authroization do so.

        think before ou speak and in your cases stop and go into a ral branch temple of this Divine Movement ans take lesson and note of what is really being taught .

        Yours in Peace through Justice
        Chief Minister Ra Saadi El-Muadi’B
        We regret that this point of view take on looking like a debate sir but this is simply our counter view of wht you have alloed to be written and posted in the very first places sir. and all future comment may be directly posted onto our website .

      3. Rahub, peace Bro! Great
        Rahub, peace Bro! Great response. Its a blessing that we all are not confused of what going on. It is evident that people are put here to divert the real movement. Peace Fam and keep up the work and alwats stand firm wadu /…… Benjamin Hotep-El contact,,, 757 232 2363

    3. Need The TRUTH!!
      To whom it may concern,

      I live in Charlotte, NC. and was approached by a group of men professing to be Moor’s. I began to study and research with these men and found the information to be valid. I then took on a Moorish name through a process called reclaimtion. After this process i was suppose to be guided through several other areas as well as paper work to complete the process, which never happened. Now my question is were these men authorized to do this process ? If so who do i need to speak with to complete this, If not what can i do now to make this right or to go back to my old idenity??

      Brotha looking for truth

      1. Study Group in North Carolina

        There is a study group in North Carolina, but I’m not sure if it is in Charlotte. You should call 1-888-361-2499 ext. 710 0r 702 and they can give you more information.

        C. Benton-El
        Temple #21 Atlanta

      2. brother looking for truth
        Praise Allah and honors to the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Honors to you, Islam.

        My Brotha, first of all, what do mean the process? There is no process, you are what your antient forefathers were without a doubt or contradiction. From what you have said doesn’t make sense. You say you found the information to be valid and correct so why do you need these other brothas? Take what they gave you and save yourself.

      3. brotha looking for truth,
        brotha looking for truth, you found HER….please contact me re: reclamation
        washitaw for life
        in the spirit of the honorable noble drew ali
        peace, I.S.L.A.M

    4. Are we all blind
      I am from E. Mealy El Temple #1. I have a problem with doing research about the Movement. Every other branch wants to down the other but know one is practicing love to each other. Everyone wants to be from the REAL Temple of the Prophet. We truly can’t even educate the others because we don’t have the complete love of the Prophet. One thinks they should lead because they have the masses and the other because they have things that was around since the Prophet and the First S.G.S. That’s wrong. We are past the fifty years after the Prophet, and working on another fifty and have not brought the organization back WHOLE yet. I need my young Moors to stand up in their Temple #1 and make a changes because now it on us. We are the third and fourth generation he spoke of at the first convention. I don’t know which branch you are from but it is time brother or sister to do what the Prophet wants and not what we want for us. We need to work on linking all of our science back together, so we can uplift fallen humanity. We are late by twenty years, let’s get started.

      Peace & Love
      J. Jones El

    5. Divide n Conquer
      Why does it seem the Moorish movement is unable link together. It seems that for a group to have so much viable info. you people tear each other down like every other group. Why can’t there be one Moorish group where we all come together, instead of having different sects. EX: Great Seal Moors, Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Moorish Science Temple.

    6. What is the American Flag?
      I was wondering can you explain the difference between the American Flag and the Flag of the United States of America. Also can you explain since nothing has changed in The MSTA since 1913, why did the Prophet have a 48 star Flag next to the Moorish Flag and today you have a 50 star banner. Now before you start talking about states you should go read united states codes title 4 chapter 1 section 1. I have not met anyone that will answer this question let alone tell the truth about why the Flags was changed to the corporate banner!!! Can you?

      Lord Yasheer Bey

      1. Read The The Same Code of The United States
        In Your Question The Answer is given in the same Title 4 Chapter1 Section 2 Read Sec.2

        Noble Drew Ali was flying the 48 star Flag because The Flag of the 48 star was in Executive Order in July 04 of 1912.

        The Star spangled Banner was a slogan It is opposite of what Others interpeted it to be

        America Is A British Colony Republic is Back To Rome Law and Merchant Code Look it up….

        For your knowledge and information purchase the The 360 Question To Ask A Moorish American And The Moorish Science Temple

        And you will see that you have been misinformed


        People Just make up shit

    7. Response to Will the real Moorish Americans Please Stand up
      Peace Grand Sheik, I’ve read your oppinion of the teachings of Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey and am of a different opinion. I was a student of Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey and Grand Sheik Nature El and I have found them both to be of General and Permanent Character. They both often express their love for the Prophet and his movement and I have watched these brothers work tirelessly to bring the Prophet’s message to the people. I myself read the Moorish Koran in 1989 with Brother Oba Bey of Wilmington, Delaware but at the time I was a member of the Nation of Islam. It wasn’t until 2003 when Bro. Amir El of Wilmington, Delaware gave me a copy of the Al Moroccan Star Newspaper presented by Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey and Bro. Abdullah Mosi Talib Bey that the light of understanding was turned on. I read the newspaper in its entirety and went back to Bro. Amir to request moor information. He gave me everything he had. I read the information then I was introduced to Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey. He presented me with more information. I being a skeptic sought to cross reference what he gave me and I found all of the information valid.

      It seems that many people are unaware of what went down after the Prophet veiled his form. Not only was there the usual power struggle for the Prophets office but our movement had been infiltrated. Read Caveat Emptor. Many of the people who took the reins after the Prophet mislead members away from the Prophet’s intent. Even the Prophet foretold our dilemma. Not only did our movement get infiltrated but the U.S. Government (The Corporation founded and incorporated on Febrary 21, 1871 under the name District of Columbia 16 Stat., it was reorganized June ll, 1878 a bankrupt organization that overthrew our Republic) put measures in place to slow down this movement. It is this fictitious entity that the Moors and other citizens are battling.

      When the Federal Reserve Act, the Stamp Act, The Buck Act, the Trading with The Enemy Act, the War Powers Act, the Shepherd Towner Maternity Act, the Social Security Act, etc put into place fiat instruments and adhesion contracts which became the order of the day. People contracted their birthrights away without knowing. They were given instruments such as Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Driver’s Licenses and Licenses for other activities. But what makes these instruments unconscionable were the fact that the People were and are not informed of all of the implications and obligations of these agreements prior to signing for them.

      So I do understand that it may seem that many Moors have changed or are attempting to change the Prophet’s Message and intent. However, Our Prophet spelled it all out in two of his public speeches, Divine Warning By the Prophet For the Nations and Moorish Leader’s Historical Message to America. All Moors should read these two speeches to clear up any doubt or confusion.

      Also we must be aware that when the Prophet stated that we are not at variance with federal, state, county,and city laws he was not talking about rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances, acts or bills. He said specifically “Laws!” And he spoke specifically of the Constitution for the united States Republic of North America as the Supreme Law. The Federal and State’s Constitutions are the only enforceable law besides our Divine Constitution and By-Laws.

      It seems the Brothers like Grand Sheiks Taj Tarik Bey, Nature El, Sis. Queen Vallahra, Queen Anua, Razmariah, Myra El, and many of the other Prophet’s vanguards are just fighting on another battle field. Its the same fight on a different front. A front that we all must now consider. We also must remember Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s statement, “New Moors will come into this movement with their eyes wide open and they will carry out my law and put you old Moors in the back.” Our Prophet also knew and said that in his time our people were not ready for all that he had for them and he told them that his teachings were for the “yet unborn.” He said our people would not be ready for at least three or four generations after his day.

      There is also an Islamic prophesy that reads, “After five hundred years the Pheonix shall rise again. This was stated in 1492. Now five hundred years later our Nation is slowly coming into our own. If we are to be a nation on equal footing with other nations then we must know what other nations know. CIVICS AND JURISPRUDENCE.

      It seems to me that the people I mentioned ealier are only trying to wake us up to the necessity of these vital sciences.

      We also must remember that this movement started out a civic movement. It can be seen on the original charter of the Old Canaanite Temple of 1913. It was only after the opposition started to attack the Moorish Divine and National Movement, founded May 1, 1916 that the Prophet decided to incorporate and form the Moorish Holy Temple of Science founded in 1926 to prepare for his next move. It wasn’t until July 20, 1928 that Our Prophet filed the necessary documents to change the Moorish Holy Temple of Science to the Moorish Science Temple of America to a religious corporation to protect its members under Amendment 1 of the Constitution for the united States Republic of North America. This move was an ingenious strategy. Most members who have been in the Temples for more than ten or so years are reluctant to accept that this was a strategic move so that the Prophet could continue to instruct us civicly.

      Our focus must be on the uniting of our nation. We all must deprogram the Willie Lynch chip that we all have under our skin. So all the discord among Moors about who is and who is not following the teachings of the Prophet must stop for the sake of Uplifting Fallen Humanity. I do know for a fact that I am in no position to say who is and who is not on the path because only Allah knows the hearts of men.

      Moors, also please take note that all nations use diplomats to handle their affairs in national and global politics while the disenfranchised Moors of North America are in the habit of using Clergy as leaders. Though the Clergy (this includes ministers, reverends, pastors, elders, deacons, cardinals, bishops, imams and grand sheiks, are informed in religious matters, most of them have no clue about the Affairs of Men. We must stop allowing untrained men and women to lead us because they make us feel good. Our Prophet asked for All True American Citizens, to aid him. So there are many people working with the Prophet in areas that we may not suspect. Some in the Temple and some outside the Temple. But all for the sake of Uplifting Fallen Humanity.

      Let us all do what we can to inform and nationalize our people without all the mud slinging. Let us be encouraged that this is a Divine and National Movement protected by Allah and his Prophet and nothing or no one can stop it. May Allah and his Prophet be pleased with our work.

      Peace Moors

      P.S. Muurs, Moors Let’s unite, not fight. For Allah alone is our Judge!

      1. Mr. Ali’s comments:
        Being yet an embryo in this conscious/spiritual movement,I have to say that that I fully appreciate Mr. Ali’s articulation of the Prophet’s original intent and why he changed the name of the church.

        I also appreciate his message regarding unity among the
        Moors/Muurs as I am constantly seeking truth,knowledge,
        wisdom guidance in navigating through this most overwhelming growth process. The history and facts as to Noble Dru ali’s original intent and how things have been distorted and confused was also appreciated.

        having said that and if possible, I would like to be contacted by Mr. Ali as I have further curiosities. (Mr.Ali, would you please contact me?)
        Thank you in advance.
        Ms. Baraka El

      2. Need guidance
        Islam Brother, thank you for that truth inspired post, comments like the latter ones have got to be expected from the disagreeable forces (but their time is up).I need guidance, advice & help on my path back to my birth right. I’ve watched a few lectures but do not know where to go from here.
        Blessings in abundance to you

      3. L,T,P,F and J
        I.S.L.A.M. Brother Mr. Ali, I am Brother D-El, your post is so on-point that its refreshing, much thanks for posting it. It would be a blessing to be able to get some of your insight regarding things Moorish/Muurish including but most definitely not limited to civics, as well as networking. Please reach out to a Brother if you will. Again, thank you for your post, with much gratitude, Peace

    8. In Defense of a Vanguard
      Grand sheik I beg to differ with you concerning Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey and Grand Sheik Nature El. I know these two brothers and have had the pleasure to study with them both. I can verify that they are members of the Moorish Science Temple of America. I’ve seen their Nationality Cards bearing the Prophet’s signature. I also find them to be of General and Permanent Character. I’ve witnessed these two brothers working tirelessly for the sake of Our Movement.

      I’ve tried countless times to find information to prove them wrong only to find that they have done their research. I love them both for the work they do.

      We do have the right nor the knowledge to judge who is with the Prophet and who is not. When the Prophet asked for all true American citizens many responded to his plea. Ther are many people working for the Prophet today who are not in the Temple. Besides only Allah knows the hearts of men.

      And the Temple has fallen into the hands of the enemies of the Prophet just after he veiled form. Many tried to wear the Prophet’s shoes and deceived many of the followers into thinking that this is a religious movement when it is not.
      Many members in the Temple are at odds with those using the Prophets name to further their agendas without a thorough investigation of the fact.

      THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT. IT IS NOT, AND IT NEVER WAS. THIS IS A DIVINE (ordained by Allah) AND NATIONAL (involves every member of Moorish Pedigree) whether in the Temple or not. Our Prophet put this together under the divine instruction of Our Father God Allah.

      It seems many members of the Temple have a hard time taking in information if it does not come from the four Articles of Religion: The Holy Koran for the Moorish Holy Temple of Science; the Koran Questions for Moorish Americans; The Divine Constitution and By-Laws; and the Moorish Literature.

      The Prophet did not give us everything and this is why he told us to study, then study, then study some more. Once we have finished studying we are to study ourselves.

      There is a lot of information relative to our movement that wasn’t available during the Prophet’s. We are to use that information if it enhances the Prophet’s message. Not everyone can and will hear the Prophet’s voice. But they may hear you or me or Taj or Nature. So we must always be mindful of our ultimate goal, the uplifting of fallen Humanity. And remember that a Moslem is one who hurts no one verbally, mentally or physically. Let us watch ourselves.

      Back to the point of this not being a religious movement. The Moorish Science Temple of America, Incorporated did not start in 1913 A.D. as put forth by the tampered 101 Questionnaire. In 1913 the Prohet along with Dr. Soloman Muhammad and Minister Emir Abdul Kareem El founded the Old Canaanite Temple in Newark, New Jerusalam (Jersey). According to the charter this was a civic organ. May 1,1916 Our Prophet founded the Moorish Divine and National Movement. Another civic organization. After moving to Chicago in 1925 and annoucing that he was a Prophet he founded the Moorish Holy Temple of Science which was the start of a strategic move the ward off enemies of the Movement.

      The Prophet’s message drew many members of the church and this offended many preachers and community leaders. They then sought to slow down this movement. They called in the authorities to help shut him down. They tried to imply that his teachings were subversive. Our Prophet was a genius. To offset their attacks and to protect the members and the Movement he founded the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, then prepared, not wrote, and published the Holy Koran in 1927. Between 1925 and 1928 the Prophet opened 15 Temples and 22 subordinate Temples. He also reclaimed our vast estate at the 6th Pan American Conference held January 16- February 20, 1928. Our Prophet declared us a nation.

      On July 20, 1928 he founded and incorporated the Moorish Holy Temple of Science as the Moorish Science Temple of America under a religious charter only as a counter move to the attacks of our enemies. Under the religious charter He put our movement under the protection of the First Amendment of the organic Constitution for the United States Republic of North America. Under this protection no one could challenge what he taught to his followers. And this is why namy believe that this is a religious movement. IT IS NOT.

      Our religion is Islamism and our ultimate mission is to uplift fallen Humanity. This mission may be carried out in many ways. And this is why I can appreciate the work of brothers and sisters like Taj and Nature.

      Back to our studying. Yor stated that the Prophet said that this movement is not at odds with federal, state, and city laws. The first thing we must understand is that the Prophet said we are to demand the enforcement of the Constitution. we also must understand that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. We must also know that today states and cities are now fictitious corporate entities that are run by ordinances, statutes, resolutions, regulations, bills, acts, policies, and executive orders. THESE ARE NOT LAWS. They are arbitrary. Law does not negotiate and is partial to no one.

      On February 21, 1871 the de jure Republic was subverted by the corporate U.S. Government and a Democracy was put in its place. And it is this corporations with its unlawful Admiralty Courts that many Moors are fighting. And it is brothers like Taj and Nature that are showing how to fight on this front. Since 1933 the citizens of the United States have become corporate slaves.

      Let us remember that this is a battle that must be fought on all fronts. We first must do battle with ourselves, than with enemies of the advancement of the human family.

      So I must end this point. I have to go. For further discussion email

      Humbly Submitted,
      Bro. :Micah~ El :Ali
      Student of Moorish Philology and
      High Cultured Science

      1. Our Great Prophet
        Peace Moors,
        I’ve read your comments and I agreed that Bro. Tarik is fighting the same battle on a different front. I love the study of law, and find it necessary and beneficial, I also find that it is very well written by well educated men, who know well the statutory limits of their authority over free citizens choosing to keep their constitutionally protected rights intact. The IRS has forms for each to use according to their voluntary choices. It is all rather simply done by a wonderful portion of the law call the “Freedom of Information Act”, wherein any requester can receive the information they seek by simply asking.
        The descendants of the colonist, as well as the moor has a choice of citizenship, which is well know to the government.
        I only wish to contact others here in Atlanta that share my understanding, and devotion in this much needed area of study, because I’m new to the area.
        I’m grateful to Allah, that our prophet was enlightened by with the understanding of what was needed Nationally, as well as Divinely to set us on a course that will bring Peace, and Justice to fallen humanity.
        May Allah richly bless
        Al G-Bey

      2. Peace,i am not associated
        Peace,i am not associated with any group.I am just on my journey.Where it leads me,I don’t know. But i am excited about the trip.I come to you as a child. I came to hear the voice of God & all I hear is noise. Noise that I have heard my entire life.Bickering,jealousy,anger.I believe we are all free when decide to be.What are we afraid of?Why do we argue about what we argue about?We make so much noise,we can’t hear God speak.Does it really matters who is right?Whatever you feel is right,is right.All the information I have come across has been something that somebody received from some one else. That makes me feel as though they are in a higher place than i am.What about me is going on that I can’t hear God talk?Everyone wants to be right.What puts anyone in a position to say that they have the truth?Haven’t it already been established that spiritual truths are personal.Not in the sense of a secret,but meaning depending on the person.I know how to love, I know how to hate.I have been taught these things my whole life.Wouldn’t it just be easier if we all just loved(not to sound cheesy).Why do we need people,other lost human beings, to tell us how to govern ourselves?Can we not govern ourselves in a civilized fashion, respecting each other.As an adult do we need someone to tell us right from wrong.Why does it matter who i pray to?why does it matter if I pray at all?Where I was born,who I marry,color of my skin?We allow the most petty things keep us from our true purpose.Where does it say, the way we live is how we must live?If we were all on one accord, no matter race,no matter color,religion any of the things we use to stay isolated from people we deem to be different. I feel we have to destroy the the things that divide us.They are not real, they can not be proven or disproved.Therefore they hold no value.To me that shows our true power as human beings,WE place value. If we decide that something is not useful anymore we can discard it & move on.But only as a group, as a race;The Human race,we have to decide what we are doing isn’t working.The one truth is,we are where we are & is where we are where we are suppose to be?If we all just understood we are all a part of a whole.The titles we put on ourselves are not who we are. It’s what we are told to be.Being free goes beyond law,it goes beyond right or wrong.It’s deeper than language. It can’t be explained.All I know is I want it.& I don’t want anyone to tell me I can’t have it.Because I & only I make the choices the shape my existence.
        I don’t even know who comment I replied on,this is just the point when i felt I need to write something.

    9. The Real Moors
      Islam, Brother
      Some of what you said was fascinating. However, it was quite divisive. Now, more than ever, is the time for unity. Yet you say egregiously harsh things about Taj Tariq Bey, who has enlightened many people. This can’t be denied. If there is any contributory confusion on Tariq Bey’s part, then I think you should clear it up, but in an amicable manner. There are many Moors all over “America” who are not part of the same organization. How does that make them less Moorish? Noble Drew Ali advocated unity, especially amongst Asiatics. This is something to consider before alienating your own brothers who claim the same nationality as you do. Unity strengthens our community.

      Love Truth Peace Freedom and Justice


    10. The Moorish Movement
      “to protect and preserve the rights of the 20 plus million Asiatics in this land who stand up according to the law of the movement and PROPERLY proclaim their nationality before the said government known as the Moorish Divine National Movement.”
      I have a problem with this statement! Out of the 20 million Asiatics, only about 20 thousand of them have even ever heard of a “Moor”, and I wont even mention the poor numbers on how many have heard of the prophet Noble Drew Ali(because I make it my biz to ask the brothers and sisters in the hood about it). This is because the Moorish Science Temples are silent in the poor communities. More of the Asiatics have heard about the Nation of Islam than the Moorish Temples. The Moors need to get their sh… together with one another, get the truth betweem one another together, and then maybe the Asiatics would come join the movement!! It’s been to long not to have peace within the brotherhood!! I don’t care what title any of you all have! You don’t have a nation behind that title, so that title means nothing!! The people deserve more from the Temples then confusion. The Movement has been around all this time, but where are the stores for our people? What about the hospitals for our people? what happened to building a community like Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, Oklahoma for our people? Why haven’t the Moors just all moved to one state somewhere and just over-populate a part of our land back? That’s what the Asians do, that’s what the Mexicans do, that’s how they come in and build for their people a community to protect and be happy to up-hold. The people are not joining anything with nothing to offer them, and or if the Moors have nothing to show for them in over 75 years; but this next quote answers all that I have said.

      “These outsiders who tarnish our good name are likened to a virus and we say to the U.S. Government that we support your decision to expatriate these foreigners and expel them from this United States if they refuse to obey the laws or lock them up as they are but convicts posing as citizens.”

      “To tarnish our good name” is a selfish statement! especially when hardly any of the people that are unclaimed Moors know nothing about Moorish Science, and never heard of it! So, who’s good name? Yours? Because it’s not the masses! Half of you all are in this for your self, cause your Temple’s message has not made it yet to the people! Then you have the nerves to publicly hope the Romans will do something to your own kind! You sound like a trader!! The European don’t desreve to do anything else to our people! They have done more then enough to us Asiatics; are you crazy? This is not what the prophet would have wanted, he wanted his people to come together. These statements you have made is not coming together, that’s seperation, and that’s how these Romans keep us down; cause we are not together. I love you brotha’, that’s why I wrote this, because listening to this crap hurts my soul. I want us all to unite, and take over! Maybe you should try and get in-touch with brotha’ Taj Tarik, and talk to a brotha’ man to man, brotha’ to brotha’,behind closed doors; then come out in public with your brotha’, and not against him. Don’t blast our brothas’ like this to the Europeans and the rest of the world. That’s why they treat us like they do, because we have no respect for one another!

      Love,Truth,Peace,Freedom,and Justice!!! Islam!

      Kahreem Ali Haddad Bey

    11. Law and Nationality
      Islam Moor,

      I rise in giving perfect praise to Allah.

      I give the Highest of honors to His/our Noble Prophet, Drew Ali;I also give honors to all of those who see things from a Moorish point-of-view.

      Yes, we do need to be more aware about interpreting the prophet’s laws: if one investigates the prophet’s laws he will know that we are not supposed to use both the Tribal Names of El and Bey, and certainly not Ali. I have been asked a few times, “then why does Noble Drew Ali use the Tribal name Ali”? My measure was, “I believe Noble Drew Ali was the truest representation of what Ali is supposed to be. Therefore making the servant worthy of his hire.”


    12. MSTA
      i wont get into a long reply or comment on Taj Tarik Bey. but i will say that you should re examine the reason for having the MSTA legally chartered as a religious corporation. peace

  2. Moorish Divine and National Movent – Forced to Make Changes
    Moorish Divine And National Movement

    – Forced To Make Changes –

    Greetings to all the Moors of North America;
    We rise, giving honor to the Spirit of Allah and to His Holy Prophets; through his last Divine Prophet in these days, Prophet Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Prophet Noble Drew Ali). Giving honor to the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World, and respect to Civilized Societies, Constitutionally governed societies, et al. Giving honor to our Moorish Divine Constitution/Zodiac and respect to our Constitution for the United States Republic; North America, and giving honor and respect to all those dejure Representatives of this said government in their recognition and responsibility to uphold, to secure and to enforce the Supreme Law of the Land in service to the Natural citizens and to civilization itself. Our Divine and National Movement stands for Love, Truth, Peace, and Freedom and when these principles are violated and deprived, it become our obligation to conform Justice to take it’s course. “Our Prophet is calling on all Active Moors and not Passive-Moors be yourselves


      1. religious prosylitization and conflict in the Moorish Paradigm
        I would like to see the day when Moors can see past their differences and recognize that before Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought his form of Moorish Doctrine to the collective conciousness of descendants of the Moorish paradigm there were Moors who did not follow his or even know anything of his teachings and they were still Moors. The prosylitizing of one particular teaching or doctrine albeit Religious, apolitical or historically demographic does not change or invalidate one from the other. If you would like to practice your Moorish culture as a religion using the teachings of Noble Drew Ali, fine. But, that does not mean that what another Moor teaches or believes and knows from their own study and experience as it relates to a Moor’s cultural historical perspective is any less valid than any other so described herein. The problem it seems is that people that espouse religious, apolitical or historical demographics do so with a certain sancrimonious haughtiness, and self serving foolish pride. These ignoble attitudes pervades the collective demeanor of those organizations that purport to be the authentic purveyors of the culture. This is ridiculous and needs to be ceased and desisted immediately. We are not Moors because we follow the doctrine of Noble Drew Ali or any other Moorish Organization. We are Moors because we conciously recognize based on our understanding of who we are this culture is an inherent part of our historical identity. I do not need a Nationality Card or any credentials from a Moorish Community to validate what I know and believe to be a part of my identity. If I want to practice this aspect of my culture and Identity as a religion that does not mean I cant study and appreciate any other aspects that doesn’t confer a religious definition to its teachings as part of my cultural historical experience. I am tired of all the different religious Moorish Temples and Organizations defaming and declaiming one against the other and causing confusion among our Community and the public at large. Enough already. No one can define the parameters of one’s Identity based on religion or documented historical liturgy. We are all in the process of becoming. And in that process it is imperative for us all to KNOW AND STUDY THYSELF.


        I AM


    2. allthis trash you have said is naught
      Islam and Greeting

      As a Moorish defender of the Faith and Gospel it become our formost duty to declared whaat is trhtuthful and what is not, now as we aren’t going to address the whole of the madness of this particular popsting by at a latewr date we shall, but until then we would like to say just last year this taj responded that he back off from atttending a event given by Sheikess Yssis Saadi El then merely Sis. Yssis, that he would’t be coming now because she had included a friday holy day service sduring said event as she had just joined the M.S.T.of A and he declared that he wasn’t Religious nor would he accpetthere being a separate room set a-side for real Moorish Americans to perform their divine obligation and duties as Moorish Americans. now taj is no more a Grand Sheik in a real Body of Moors than is a capser the friendly ghost these one are oif the least to be representatives of what the Moorish Science Temple andd this Divine Moorish Movement is all about, and thew posting of a long drawn out set of rehotic cannot make one what one is not, now most recently one of his kind , sought to come on our T.V. Show after referring toSis. Yssis as being weak because she joined the M.S.T.of A.

      Now as a grand sheik is an official position given out only n the M.S.T.of A. See the Moorish Divine Constitution and By-Laws, ACT #1, Secondly then one must naturally be a first a part of a Religiosu corporation to which they all deny being Religious as well as being followers of the Great Prophet Ali’s Divine Teaching , nd todate not one of these weak minded and faint of hearted one has ever proven that the Prophet Ali dealt in or allowed members to include the Zodiac teaching within the M.S.T.of A. A wel know fact at that is the would allow mr c.m. bey to go thorugh his A.C.of the M.S.T.of A. as wel as he and all hius foreign european teaching of the zodiac which he stole from a jewish teacher , and who he attempted to overthrow the M.S.T.of A. WITH SUCH FOUL MOUTH TEACHING HE WAS LATER BOOTED OUT OF THE M.S.T.of a. altogether by the mid late 30’s thus this […] mr c.m. bey wasn’t really a master at anything other than the bastardization of the true faith as taught and brought by our beloved savior the Great Prophet Ali hell you really couldsn’t get a good wet dream from his teaching andd thus the Zodiac teaching has not a da=mn thiung to do with that of our beloved Prophet Ali […]

      nowe as we are just and fair man we have and will continue to offer up a chance for theses punks to step forward and challeneg us via our t.v. prtogram we will share the two hour showing in a debate form and we can and will proive eveything that we say […]

      They may reaches us at 1-888-361-2499 ex. 702 therefore there can be no mistakre […]

      as law truly governs all events

      Peace through Justice
      Chief Minister Ra Saadi EL-Muadi’B

      AND ALL THEIR TWISTED SISTER ADMIXING WHATVTHE hOLY prophet brought with all their st5rnaglely mixed ideas and conception will not make them Moorish nor what they seek to teaces a opart oif the M.S.T.of A. LITERATURE

      1. OK, that’ll do, folks…
        I don’t like to censor posts. But I did politely request once before that sectarian disputes within the Moorish movement be kept off of this blog. This is not our purpose. I took the liberty of editing the provocative language out of the above post (although not the spelling and punctuation errors). Places where I deleted text are indicated by a bracketed ellipsis. I’m afraid I now have no choice but to announce that future posts here that engage in factionalism will be deleted. Enough other websites and phone numbers have been posted here that these debates can be taken to a more appropriate forum.

        Please respect this.

      2. Concering Taj Tarik Bey and Nature El Bey etc…

        This is my very first time reading this page concerning our Moorish movement . I am confused about many of the comments made about C.M.Bey and Bro Taj Tarik Bey etc …

        What is wrong with Bro Taj Tarik Bey , teachings ? I have sat and listen to Taj for many years in Camden, Jersey Republic concerning C.M.Bey clock etc . Are you asserting that Nature El Bey, Taj Tarik Bey etc are all frauds ?

        I must set the correct here for myself and many others whom may read this page . First, for many years brothers have missed used younger brothers and sisters just to fill their pockets , while not fulfiling our needs to know true Moor Science teachings . Many Temples held back knowledge to have a fraud power over many .

        However, many of us was FORCED to the streets to search for away out of the mess and upon finding ourselves walking the streets there came brothers like Taj Tarik Bey, Nature El Bey etc to place on a path to self held .

        Much of Taj teaching was used and helpful and some was not as helpful . But the over all, the brother gave us a clear picture on how to combat the daily issues in the fraud superpower of the European Nations . Now what have you offered to our children and younger minded brothers and sisters as they grow near adulthood ???

        Please share some light because there many brothers and sisters in need .

        Peace upon you and your family, Brother Yahya…

    3. what “sect” of moorish science
      Islam, to whom it may concern is Bro. Elder Taj Tarik Bey apart of this moorish movement i am repling to, if so I need to get in contact with him or a member of the moorish american movement that he represent because alot of the different moorish american movements are NOT what the Holy Prophet Drew Ali brought to these shores called north america.My E-mail address is I hope to hear from bro. taj tarik bey or a member of the moorish american movement he represent. peace

    All ye Moors fighting against one another,
    Why? Have these Romans knocked you all off of your Compuses & Squares! Master your passions! Circumscribe the negative elements rising from the Lower! Divide & Conquer is still emplimented on a daily by these people… you know who they are and they know who you are as well! A house divided against itself cannot stand! We are taught to LOVE instead of HATE! This is not LOVE! Remember The Holy Covenant Of The Asiatic Nation! You are arguing on an international Web site designed by these people… this mechanism belongs to them… it’s theirs! Why step into their arena and do battle with one another? Did The Prophet teach us to demonstrate in that fashion? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Surely, the Science we’ve been blessed with has more substance than these things “just appearing!”
    Look “in” and smite that devil back into the lower regions!

      ISLAM! First: I want to say I support all Moors joining together for the same cause but not in public form.
      By the grace of Allah all is possible in a Divine Way. The Prophet Noble Drew Ali speaks of strong men and women.
      So why are we fighting each other, hrash words are not to be used Moors……..and this is coming from a wantabe and learning to be and will be.

      Second: Where there is unity there is strenght, we are in need of every brother and sister to save us from modern day slavery, and to save our children from themsevles (black on black crime)and the holding cells that await some of them.

      Asiatics, Asiatics we are stronger then the other, we made this country with blood , sweat and tears and survied through slavery and through our forefathers, Moors still stand.

      What we should be concerned about, is the war we fight now;
      brother against brother in the name of Islam. I have been to Kuwait….I was told they love us as brothers and sisters, and when I was there I was treated like one of them.

      I was raised-up to be Seventh Day Adventist, I have heard the call of our great Prophet Noble Drew Ali and our Forefathers through the word of understanding our history, and seeing beyond what the others don’t want us to see and know to be the TRUTH.

      Some of the TRUTH came to me from a child, I watched grow into manhood;
      G.S.Nature El Bey. The way he lives his life, changed the very home he lives in to serve the disadvantaged people in the community, he is on a great and honorable quest and faith on all of our part. I’m very proud of the little boy that use to visit my home when I lived in NJ. I will not judge him for having the strength to stand for his own honor and birthright.

      I do wish him well and ALL BLESSINGS from ALLHA the most high judgement of us all. My Brother Nature continue your quest of our lost people the real nature of your business “ULIFTING HUMANITY” LOVE AND PEACE

      Inshalla, Bernadine Craig of Brunswick, Ga.

      LAST: I’m studying very hard to learn self and the movement through websites, books and the KORAN. I’m blessed in study groups with The National Grand Sheik M.S.T.A 1928
      seeking and learning of :motheriscalling

      1. moors in the land of amexem in the north western shores
        islam moors peace is needed stay on your square and adher to the rules of this site if you are a true descendant of the moabite nation you will calm down . please study the moorish by laws and act6 and act7 of the questionair do not turn this site into a hate site love si the first and strongest attribute of this physical plane let the five principals run there course if moors are faking and lying time will tell.the prophet said if the temple is not right he ‘s not right so,therefore the prophet and his teachings deserve respect and we need to do what he said. drew ali also said if you moors just do one thing right that he said to do we would be on the right path peace bro. Albari El

    2. I just pulled out of
      I just pulled out of Christianity for some of these same reasons, the “we’re better than your church” and such. Or “you’re not saved”. I know I am an Indigenous man in this land, but moreso know that I am a Moor through those same bloodlines. I would love to be a member of The Moorish Science Temple of America…what’s kept me from truly pursuing that is noticing the infighting there as well. It seems the corporate entities are doing their jobs quite well with causing the infighting by creating the factioned mentality. But ego won’t allow some to see that. This is from one on the outside wanting to come in, but doesn’t want to get hit in the cross-fire. Do we have a legacy here? Do we seek to truly understand the full dynamics of what’s going on? Before I get dumped on, please read my words and see the confusion and pain of just wanting my people to come together and truly be a Nation…a whole Nation where each one protects one and loves all. Seperation is how we began to fall long ago..

  4. Just to say I became a
    Just to say I became a conscious moor about four (4) to five (5) month ago changed my name by word and is about to make it public record.
    By Hakeem El Bey Your brother in Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.
    First let me say this is no attack on my family of Moorish brother’s and sister and no one is an Island meaning we don’t have it all; but we are all MOORS first. If you have trouble with someone in your family; don’t you think that it should be brought to a family table to straighten it out? And if you can’t straighten it then you should go to what the prophet said! “Study .“ However we must know that ALLAH is in control and all we can do is work the part that best fit us. What I have to say about the Moorish movement not seeing eye to eye with other Moor’s is study yourself then study yourself again and again know why you are part of this Noble Movement. (You are all things. “ MOOR”!)

    I see it is being said that brother Nature El Bey has used numerous unorthodox legal arguments include that police have no right to stop citizens—only the sheriff, who holds the sole law enforcement office created by the state constitution, can do so it is also stated that Nature El Bey told the newspaper. But the larger issue seems to be the Moorish Science doctrine that Moorish-Americans constitute a separate nationality and are not subject to US law—or only to a strict constitutional interpretation. This doctrine has also brought followers of Moorish Science into frequent conflict with the IRS. Alright I see some of the conflicts here we have as a nation. So here is a little research.

    Well let’s look at A Divine Warning by the Prophet for the Nation.
    The citizens of all free national governments according to their national constitution are all one family bearing one free national name. Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables, and are subject to all inferior names and abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the names and principles that delude to slavery. So let not fall under the names and principles that delude to slavery brothers and sitters with that please Also read (Prophet Makes Plea To Nation, and THE HOLY KORAN OF THE MOORISH HOLY TEMPLE OF SCIENCE Divinely Prepared By The Noble Prophet DEW ALI Chapter’s XXV, XXVI, XXX, AND XLVIII maybe this will give a little help how one should deal with the foresaid comments.
    Hakeem Tarik El Bey

    1. This is a shame!!!

      First of all we are a nation. You cannot be a nation with creed alone. Please stop the insults!! You are showing that you still have a slave mentality. We are all Moors and each Moor must play the role that there hearts lead them to. We need to know the law, because we are held to it everyday! What good is this nation if all we do is pray and study the circle 7, then dont know the first things about gov’t or civilization. I sense alot of anger and hate in your devilish comments. How can you knock brothers that are trying to help our people be free. Why are you in this movement for REALLY!! Are you an agent!! I have to ask cause your insults make no sense. You cannot or should not teach Moors to follow colorable laws that extort finances from a people that are already POOR! Especially when it is not authorized by the constitution of this land. Do you choose to ignore or you still like being a slave yourself? I honor bro. taj and queen valhara If you would research you would see the info is correct. I AFFIRM! A nation needs worship of the creator and the knowledge of how to free themselves socially, economically and politically!! You cannot argue with that brotha and dont attempt to try. How do you think our forefathers became so ILLUSTRIOUS!! So please stop the Bullsh**t. Asiatics are waking up and we need more than religious doctrine. If thats what you want then go to the church and worship Jesus(Heru). Our people are perishing due to a lack of knowledge. So learn to love and stop the hate!! your only cursing yourself!!!

      The higher self is justice, mercy, love and right…
      The lower self breeds hatred, slander, lewdness… and everything that harms….

      sounds familiar!!!

      1. Why Moors are against other Moors!
        Islam In Defense Prophet Noble Drew Ali. True and Faithful Moors.The time is Now for all Nations to Understand Love Truth Peace Freedom and Justice. The Moorish Nation is under attack by Moors and Non-Moors. As I know it there but One God Name Allah.and Prophet Noble Drew Ali came to get us back to the Highest Plane of Life. I am a coworker with Allah also Taj Tarik Bey and vanguards these are Higher Selves Being the End of Time is Near The Circle-Seven is for True and Faithful The Silent Brotherhood is watching us All.Peace Tehuti

    2. General questions need answers
      1. I am very please to have this sight to speak with my people. Question: If a member is appointed as a Governor to help build a Morrish-American Nation, is diplomatic immunity extended to him during that time period?

      2. Can you explain the simple steps involved to become nationalized and the approximate cost?

      3. If a person receive a felony charge in the process of changing to their “free national desent name” and decide to appeal the conviction, do you enter the appeal under the old name or the new free national identity name as a Moorish-American?

      4. If a person is currently on probation, under the old name and is able to complete the Nationalization process as a Moorish American before the probation time is complete, do I sign documents in my old new name or continue in the old name? I hope questions are not too elementary but I need feedback.

      5. If you apply for a job and have a criminal record, how can a name change to become a Moorish-American be viewed to obtain federal employment or federal contract opportunities?

  5. Thanks
    Moorish Science is defined as the “the condition of being at peace via submission to the universal laws of the Most High” through the infinite progression of the “study of self.” Moorish Science encompasses all spiritual sciences with the negation of superfluous dogma or doctrine, due to that fact that the “Royal Science of Self Realization” can be found in all spiritual systems of antiquity; “Truth is Aught and can not pass away” as stated by a Moorish Maxim. Moorish Science unearths Aught from under the “rubbish pile” so MAN can perfect himself as a perfect stone (smooth ashlar) in the temple of the Most High. The Moorish Scientist seeks to find “that which was lost” within himself, thus placing him on a path, journey or pilgrimage to Self Mastery. The seeking Moorish Scientist in called a traveler (Salik) in search for the infinite and unchanging Aught for “Truth (haqiqat) is Aught and Aught is Allah (the Infinite, Neter Neteru, Brahman, Yahuwa, The Tao).” Moorish Science urges the seeker (talib) to allow himself to be raised to the higher planes on consciousness by traveling through the realms of nasuwt (realm of the created beings), malakuwt (realm of the angelic entities) and lahuwt (realm of the Most High).

    1. Moorish Thought

      I am the Grand Shiek of the Moorish Revolutionary Action Movement of North America, and a Adept Chamber member in the Universal Moorish Movement,Inc. My reason for communicating with you is to establish a unified Moorish Thought. We must agree that the Prophet Noble Drew Ali
      was, is , and will ever more be the mind of Allah Made Flesh. That which was given to the Moors under the sound of his voice is a wisdom that is as ageless as the God that produced it. If this wisdom is put forth to humanity and not kept in the halls of the so-called Moorish Elites temples, then humanity can truly benefit from that which our father gave to us. We cannot continue to talk about uplifting fallen humanity, while at the same time hording the wisdom that will do just that. The Moorish Science Temple of America under the Leadership of the Prophet is the Greatest interpretation of Islamic thought ever to emerge upon the horizon of human consciousness. This being the truth, why haven’t we moved beyond 1929.

  6. The atmosphere in this thread
    Peace Mos,

    I am as green as a spring tomato, however with so many divisions it’s so difficult to put one foot in front of the other in going forward. Since my awakening, I’ve learned that this is not a movement, a church, a club or anything in like. This just IS, as I AM. This room is full of zeal and passion for truth. Taj, Mirah El, Queen Vallerah, Phil Valentine, Delbert Blair, Bobby Hemmit, C Freeman EL, Jewel Pookram, Frances Welsing, Noble Dru Ali, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey, Inayat Khan, Llaila Afrika, Ali Muhammed, Khali Muhammed, Ivan Van Sertima, Black Dot, The Empress of Washitaw, Our people in Heiti, and world wide, all of us who study under, with,and about these great oracles. Also The sheiks and Governor allof you who give there lives everyday to spread and protect contiousness.

    It is a Divine thing that must come about. Redemption is ours. It is ours right now today. And with all these pieces of the puzzle floating about all we need to do is remember the Divine Creed. The time is not for power plays. If you are an adapt Moor then you know this already. My sweat and blood be the glue for this puzzle for OUR children. Who’s standing with me?!?! All these great minds. And in the words of the slain G M James, ” No one man can acquire so much knowledge in one life time…” We need each other, To All The Sheiks and Governors, I love you for what you do. We The People Are Waiting. The Art of War is forgotten. Let it have no head and the enemy is powerless.

    Standing for redemption and in need of help
    And where can I get a copy of Return of the Ancient ones!!!

    Levi El