Military families oppose Pelosi plan

From Military Families Speak Out, March 8:

Military Families Oppose House Democratic Leadership Plan for Iraq
MFSO Says Pelosi Plan Condemns at Least 1,500 Troops to Death

Washington D.C. — Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), an organization of over 3,200 military families who are opposed to the war in Iraq, expressed dismay and outrage at the plan unveiled by House Democrats today that would delay the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops until the fall of 2008.

“The Iraq plan presented by Nancy Pelosi today condemns at least 1,500 more U.S. troops and countless Iraqi children, women, and men to die in a war based on lies, a war that has already taken far too many lives,  said Nancy Lessin, co-founder of MFSO.

Charley Richardson, co-founder of MFSO added, “The American public elected a new Congress in November 2006 to end the war in Iraq, not to continue using the war as an election strategy. Congress has an opportunity to support our troops by cutting funding for the war. We expect no less from those who claim to be leaders.  

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