Iraq: civil resistance Safety Force averts terror attack

From the Iraq Freedom Congress, March 6:

The Safety Force Save Tens of Innocent Lives in Baghdad
The IFC Safety Force discovered that a car parked in Babalsharqi region in the middle of Baghdad was rigged for detonation and was to be blown up in the morning when people arrived for work and shopping.

Babalsharqi is known for having one of the busiest markets in Baghdad. The perpetrator of the planned detonation selected an area that would have caused maximum loss among civilians.

The Safety Force that was present in the area grew suspicious of the car, parked near the head office of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, and called the authorities to send explosives specialists. The specialists arrived on the scene and confirmed that the car was rigged for detonation. After evacuating all to safety, the car was detonated by the specialists and there were no injuries.


The Safety Force Thwarts an Attempt by Sectarian Militia to Install its Camp

The IFC Safety Force (SF) has thwarted efforts by a sectarian militia attempting to install its camps in Alaskari complex in Babalmuadham district, Baghdad.

Following news from neighborhood residents that members of Mahdi militia began to spread into the area and were issuing threats to the residents in an attempt to stay and install their own office in the area, SF were deployed in the area and immediately began questioning the militia members about their unwanted presence. The SF leader in the area informed those members of the fact that their presence, or that of any other militia, was not welcome, and that SF will stand against anyone who tries to mess with the safety and security of the residents of the area. As a result, the militia members retreated and denied that they were trying to establish a presence.

It is to be noted that a third SF class will start next week and will be different in that the members were chosen from various regions to expand the area protected by the Safety Force.

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