Mexico: massacre in Oaxaca village

Hooded gunmen stormed the pueblo of San Vicente Camalote in southern Mexico’s Oaxaca state and killed 13 people Feb. 24. Among the dead were nine state police agents who were attacked at a checkpoint. The gunmen next burst into the ranch of Alfonso Maciel, killing him and his three sons, one of whom was a minor, state authorities said. The pueblo, in Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa municipality in a mountainous region near the Veracruz border, has been occupied by army troops and elite Federal Preventative Police. (AP, El Universal, Feb. 24)

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  1. WRONG
    This is a wrong report. It was the ranch of Alfonso Maciel but it was him and his brother-in law and nephew that got killed. not his sons. and i’m his niece, so stop wondering about my family.

    1. What happened in San Vicente Camalote?
      We were following our source, AP. Notimex says more vaguely that the gunmen killed “at least four people [at the ranch], including employees and family members of Adán Maciel Sosa,” and also notes that he is (was?) an aspiring mayoral candidate in Acatlán with the National Action Party (PAN). La Jornada says Adán Maciel was “one of the civilian victims,” providing no further details on who the others were—but also notes a near-simultaneous attack by presumed Zetas (in the uniforms of the Federal Agency of Investigation—AFI) with grenades and assault rifles on Oaxaca state police at San Francisco Telixtlahuaca, wounding six.