Mexico: judge clears activist in Brad Will murder

In Oaxaca on Nov. 9, Mexican federal magistrate Javier Leonel Santiago Martínez ruled that evidence the federal government had presented against activist Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) for the murder of New York-based independent journalist Brad Will was “false” and “prefabricated.” Will was shot during a demonstration against Oaxaca governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz on Oct. 27, 2006; activists and Will’s friends and family have insisted that he was killed by Ruiz’s supporters, not by APPO activists. Magistrate Santiago ordered district judge Rosa Ileana Ortega Pérez to free Martínez Moreno within 48 hours. The government can appeal, and the activist’s attorney, Gilberto López, said he didn’t expect his client to be released immediately. (EFE, Nov. 9; Milenio, Mexico, Nov. 9)

From Weekly News Update on the Americas, Nov. 17

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  1. Correction
    Weekly News Update on the Americas informs us that “we reported incorrectly that the magistrate judge ‘ordered’ the district judge, his superior, to release Martínez Moreno.”