Mexico: Atenco protest leader out from clandestinity

Maria Antonieta Trinidad Ramirez del Valle, popularly known as La Trini, returned to the conflicted central Mexican village of San Salvador Atenco Nov. 25 after more than six months in clandestinity at an unknown location. She was accompanied by Don Samuel Ruiz, bishop emeritus of Chiapas who won national acclaim for brokering the dialogue with the Zapatista rebels. Her sons América and Alejandro del Valle remain in hiding. Another son, César del Valle, is incarcerated in the high-security prison at La Palma, as is her husband Ignacio del Valle. La Trini is director of the People’s Front in Defense of the Land (FPDT), the group which has led protests against the confiscation of Atenco’s farming lands for a new international airport. Her lawyer said judicial orders had been issued barring her arrest. Del Valle said that during her time in hiding, the family’s home had been left “in ruins” when it was ransacked by the Federal Preventative Police. (La Jornada, Nov. 26 via Chiapas95 and Nov. 23 via El Porvenir)

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