Jesse Jackson: still haunted by “hymietown”?

While Israel rapidly expands settlements in the West Bank including E. Jerusalem, Jesse Jackson takes the opportunity to expunge old ghosts:

Last update – 20:03 25/08/2005

Jesse Jackson: After pullout, onus for next step on PA
By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent

In a surprising move, prominent African-American leader Reverend Jesse Jackson on Thursday congratulated Israel on the completion of the disengagement, and said that the onus was now on the Palestinians to take reciprocal steps.

Jackson called Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Daniel Ayalon, and asked him to pass on his congratulations to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Jackson, one of the most vehement supporters of the Palestinians in American political circles, said that following the implementation of the withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements, “the moral burden now substantially shifts to the Palestinians.”

“Sharon made a bold and painful step toward a long-term solution. He deserves a partnership that is just as bold and committed,” said Jackson.

The reverend told Ayalon that he would try to use his influence in the Arab world to push for the Palestinian Authority to fully carry out the required reforms.

Ayalon welcomed Jackson’s comments, and invited him to visit Israel. Jackson accepted the invitation, but the two did not discuss the matter further.

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