Israeli high court justices face war crimes suit

Three justices on the Israeli Supreme Court have been sued for voting in favor of authorizing the construction of Israel's wall around the West Bank, which the International Court of Justice found illegal (PDF) in 2004. The lawsuit alleges war crimes and crimes against humanity based on the Nuremberg trials precedent that allows judges to be convicted for their role in cooperating with such crimes. Six Palestinian landowners from Beit Jala, a town near Bethlehem, filed the suit in Santiago, Chile, because Chile ascribes to the concept of universal jurisdiction. Five of the plaintiffs live in Chile, and the sixth lives in Beit Jala.

From Jurist, Nov. 20. Used with permission.

  1. Israeli officials calling for extrajudicial killings

    Some senior Israeli politicians are calling for Israeli soldiers and police to kill Palestinians who they suspect of harming Israelis, even if the suspects are not currently dangerous, Human Rights Watch reported Jan. 2. HRW documented numerous statements since October 2015 which encouraged soldiers to use deadly force. "The Israeli government should issue clear directives to use force only in accordance with international law," said Sari Bashi, Israel/Palestine director at HRW. According to the UN, deadly force should only be used when another's life is in danger, and there is no other alternative. According to HRW, 150 Palestinians suspected of attacking Israelis were killed by Israeli security forces since October 2015. Palestinians have killed 33 Israelis during this time. (Jurist, Jan. 2)