Israeli forces kill two children in occupied Gaza Strip

From the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, June 1:

Israeli army fire kills two children in northern Gaza

GAZA — Israeli soldiers stationed in northern Gaza Strip shot dead on Friday afternoon two Palestinian children, paramedics and eyewitnesses said.

The witnesses said that Israeli soldiers opened fire at two Palestinian children, 10 and 8 years old, who were playing on the beach near the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia.

After the two children were shot in the chest and the abdomen, they called for an ambulance to come to the area before their deaths, added the witnesses.

Local paramedics said that the bodies of the two children were evacuated from the area by a Palestinian ambulance and were taken to the nearby Kamal Odwan hospital.

The Israeli army forces are stationed in the Palestinian-controlled area north of the town in northern Gaza Strip in a bid to prevent Palestinian militant groups from launching homemade rockets at Israel.

The children were reportedly in the vicinity of the destoyed Israeli settlement of Dugit, looking for scrap metal, according to the Israeli paper Ynet on June 1:

The Palestinians claimed that the children were looking for aluminum and iron to sell in the market. Since the evacuation of settlements in Gaza, many Palestinians have been looking for building materials in the area and selling them in order to buy food.

The soldiers assumed that the two Palestinians were attempting to plant an explosive device in the area and fired at them.

Palestinians organizations said that no cell was operating in the area and that the IDF was claiming that gunmen approached the fence in order to justify shots fired for no real reason.

The Israeli army discounts the Palestinian version:

IDF officials noted, however, that terror organizations and Palestinian groups had distributed false information in the past few weeks claiming the IDF fired and hurt civilians.

If that’s so, it’s not on the IDF’s website. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) reports that Israeli fire killed 19 Palestinians, including 3 civilians, and wounded 67, mostly civilians, in the Occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank from May 24-30.

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  2. Palestinian group’s investigation
    According to investigations conducted by Palestinian Center for Human Rights:

    At approximately 12:00 on Friday, 1 June 2007, an IOF infantry unit positioned on a wooden land in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia, nearly 100 meters away from the beach, opened fire at four Palestinian children, who were playing with kites near the beach. Three children were wounded, whereas the fourth one was able to escape. Two of the children were left in the area bleeding to death. According to the third child who was wounded, 16-year-old Mohammed Ibrahim al-‘Atawna, from Jabalya refugee camp, a kite fell near the area where IOF soldiers were hiding, and when they went to bring it, IOF soldiers opened fire at them. Soon after, the soldiers moved towards the children. They asked al-‘Atwana, who was wounded by a gunshot to the back, about the condition of the other two children who were wounded by several gunshots throughout their bodies. He told them that the children were in a critical condition. They left the two children bleeding to death in the area and evacuated al-‘Atawna to an Israeli hospital, where he had received medical treatment before he was transferred to a hospital in Beit Lahia. The two children who were killed were identified as:

    1) Zaher Jaber Mohammed al-Majdalawi, 14; and
    2) Ahmed Sabri Aba Zbaida, 14, both from Jabalya refugee camp.