Israel threatens to ‘banish’ Palestinians to Gaza

"If the terrorist attacks continue, we will begin deporting the families of terrorists to the Gaza Strip," Israeli TV quoted a senior defense official as saying on Oct. 16—marking another step towards a genocidal solution to the Palestinian question. (JP) The "terrorist attacks" are of course the knifings that have slain seven Israelis since Oct. 1. The toll of Palestinians killed in this same period, mostly in clashes with security forces, is 41. Three Palestinians, inlcuding a teen, were killed Oct. 17 on the West Bank in apparent stabbing attempts on settlers. (Ma'an, AFP) Palestinian protesters on Oct. 16 torched the Jewish holy site of Joseph's Tomb of Nablus, badly damaging the structure. (BBC News) In more encouraging news, some 1,500 Jews and Arabs demonstrated the following evening in Jerusalem under the slogan "we will not surrender to despair." (Haaretz)

  1. Bibi’s annexationism: more blatant

    In an apparent reference to the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Haaretz Oct. 26 that while he doesn't want a binational state, "at this time we need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future." In his comments before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, he added that "we will forever live by the sword."

  2. Israelis march against Bibi

    Thousands of left-wing Israelis turned out in Tel Aviv on Oct. 24 night for a rally condemning the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for what they called its poor response to the current security situation. They demanded Netanyahu resign, and said security could not be restored without negotiations with the Palestinians on a permanent accord. The rally, organized by the left-wing Peace Now organization, was held under the headline "No security without a diplomatic solution." The group said some 6,000 people were in attendance. Other estimates put the figure at 3,000.

    Marching from Rabin Square to the IDF’s Kirya headquarters, the protesters waved banners reading: "Bibi, go home" and "Stop the madness." The protesters also chanted slogans such as "Jews and Arabs don't want to hate each other" and "Israel, Palestine, two states for two peoples." The protesters were heckled by right-wing counter-demonstrators as they marched. (Times of Israel)

  3. Shin Bet interrogates suspects in Tel Aviv attack

    On New Year's Day, a gunman shot up a bar in Tel Aviv, killing two people and wounding five. Suspect Nashat Melhem was shot dead by security forces that came to arrest him Jan. 8 in Arara. Shin Bet investigators were interrogating at least three of his acquaintances, including one who is believed to have reported his location to police. (YNet)